UCLA seeks to partner with philanthropic leaders who share our vision and commitment to this important emerging field. Major investment will enable the Disability Studies program at UCLA to secure its future as the premier program of its kind in the country.


Funding opportunities include support for:

  • Faculty: Endowed chairs will allow faculty from various campus departments to dedicate their time to disability studies, providing leadership to expand course offerings, contribute new scholarship, and mentor students.
  • Students: Endowed scholarships and fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students will nurture nascent scholars and next-generation activists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and service providers.
  • Programming and Events: An endowed program fund will allow us to host a variety of local and national public events, including an annual symposium or conference, aimed at raising awareness of important disability-related issues.


ENDOWMENT $10 million
Endowed Term Chairs (5 chairs of $1 million each)
• Arts and Humanities
• Health Sciences
• Social Sciences and Public Policy
• Technology
• Education
$5 million endowment
($250,000 annual distribution)
Graduate Student Fellowships
Supports graduate students who serve as TAs and mentors
$2.5 million endowment
($125,000 annual distribution)
Program and Events Fund
Supports public events and symposia
$2 million endowment
($100,000 annual distribution)
Undergraduate Scholarships
Supports undergraduate research
$500,000 endowment
($25,000 annual distribution)

To learn how you can support Disability Studies at UCLA, please contact Joy McKee, Director of Development, Division of Undergraduate Education: (310) 206-4383 or  jmckee@support.ucla.edu.