Deadlines for the 2020–21 Academic Year

Winter 2021: Extended to Friday, November 6, 2020

Spring 2021: Monday, January 25th , 2021


This unprecedented time of social discord calls for us to act individually and collectively. Using the power of Fiat Lux, we can begin to address our society’s challenges and possibilities in intimate conversation with incoming UCLA students. With encouragement from the Chancellor, we hope that you will consider offering a remote seminar focused on understanding, unpacking, and ameliorating racial injustice. We are all accountable and Fiat Lux is one way to be part of moving our community forward.


Based on the overwhelming response from faculty in Spring 2020, we are encouraging faculty to continue offering COVID-19 seminars for the following academic year. The College will offer an additional one-time incentive of $1000 for seminars focused on the social, political, cultural, and scientific nature of disaster preparation, response, and recovery. Please note that only Academic Senate ladder faculty are eligible for this research award.


Kindness is defined as any interaction between individuals, groups, or agents that provides or is intended to provide a benefit to the recipient of the action; appropriate foci include both factors that facilitate kindness and those that inhibit or prevent it. Ladder faculty will be eligible for an additional research award of $1,500 per course. Awards are limited and interested faculty will need to apply separately to BKI.

Deadline for the Bedari Kindness Institute Award:  Friday, November 6, 2020. Proposals must be submitted to the Bedari Kindness Institute by clicking this link.

How to propose a seminar:

Submit an online course proposal form on Course Inventory Management System (CIMS). Scroll down to the “Propose a Fiat Lux seminar” section, and click on “Propose.”


Faculty who wish to teach a Fiat Lux seminar must submit a simple on-line application (Course Management System [CIMS] ), which includes the course number “19”, subject area heading, proposed title, a brief description of the seminar topic, a short list of 2-4 readings, a brief biographical statement, as well as a preference for the quarter (fall, winter, spring) in which the seminar will be offered. If you are not faculty housed in a department, please choose “Honors Collegium” as the Subject Area. Although Fiat Lux seminars are listed by departments, faculty must follow the application process outlined here, and no department may offer a Fiat Lux seminar that differs from the guidelines provided here, unless first approved by the Fiat Lux Faculty Advisory Committee

Proposal Review Process

Fiat Lux seminar proposals are reviewed by the Fiat Lux Faculty Advisory Committee after the on-line proposal is submitted. This committee includes members who represent a wide variety of UCLA’s academic fields. The program is administered by the Office of Undergraduate Education Initiatives in consultation with the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. The office works closely with the Fiat Lux Faculty Advisory Committee to facilitate the selection process. They also work closely with campus units to recruit faculty and advertise offerings.

Departments must arrange scheduling for their faculty members and assist with text book orders. The Office of Undergraduate Education Initiatives is available to assist in scheduling Honors Collegium 19 Fiat Lux seminars if needed.


As indicated in the previous section, the appropriate seminar format may either be a one hour meeting per week or a two hour meeting every other week (at least ten hours over the duration of the quarter). If you choose to teach the two-hour every other week meeting option, the first meeting must be scheduled during the first week of classes. Each seminar should enroll a minimum of ten students and may not exceed an enrollment of 20 students with a waiting list cap of five. Seminars which do not have at least five students enrolled by the end of second week will be canceled.

Once a seminar is approved, the department is expected to schedule the seminar and order the requisite materials. The Registrar’s Office will not generate PTE numbers for the seminar.

For those who are interested, scheduling space may also be available “on the hill” either in the Residence Halls or in public venues such as Covel Commons, De Neve Plaza or Bradley International Hall. Please email  to request a “no charge” room. It’s best to provide them with the class dates and times to expedite the request.

A seminar may not be canceled or rescheduled once enrollment has begun.