195CE Internship Courses:

The Center for Community Learning provides students with the opportunity to earn academic credit for a secured internship by enrolling in a 195CE Internship Course.

Review our website to learn about:

195CE Benefits:

Academic credit for real-world experience!

Individualized 1:1 Instruction

Ability to design your own research topic


Fall 2019 Intake Appointment Information:

September 25 – October 11: intake appointments for:

  • Open to all majors: Community Engagement and Social Change; English; History; Political Science; Sociology; Society and Genetics
  • Major/minor restrictions: Disability Studies; Film and Television

Review our appointment page for more information and to schedule your appointment!

195CE Internship Course Offerings:

Open Courses:

The following courses are open to enrollment for students in all majors/minors:

195 CE Courses





*(Winter/Spring Only)


Letter Grade

Jaden Netwig

Community Engagement & Social Change**


Letter Grade

Matt Griffith



Letter Grade or Pass/

No Pass




Letter Grade or Pass/

No Pass

Amber Withers

Political Science


Letter Grade or Pass/

No Pass

Kenton Card 

Society & Genetics**


Letter Grade

Anny Viloria



Letter Grade or Pass/

No Pass

Jay Johnson

Special Notes:


  • Winter/Spring only

** Community Engagement & Social Change

  • Recommended for those in nonprofit and governmental internships.

*** Society & Genetics

  • Best suited for students with a background in the life sciences and/or prior coursework in the social sciences focused on the human body.

  • Internships may be in any field but students must be able to explore connections between human biology and society.

  • Review the syllabus and SOC Gen 195CE Internship homepage for more information about course goals and expectations.

Restricted Courses:

195 CE Courses





Disability Studies


Letter Grade

Julia Karpicz

  • Must be a declared Disability Studies minor

Film & Television


Letter Grade

Annissa Omran

  • Must have a film/TV related internship
  • Must be enrolled in FTV 194 in the SAME semester as FTV 195CE course

Food Studies


Letter Grade


  • Must be a declared Food Studies minor

International & Area Studies


Letter Grade or Pass/

No Pass

Joyce Kuo

  • Spring/Summer ONLY
  • Restricted to International Institute majors/minors for Spring

195CE Course Requirements:

  • Attend biweekly meetings with a coordinator at the Center for Community Learning
  • Complete 8 weekly journals/writing assignments
  • Submit 8-10 page final research paper
  • Log a minimum of 80 hours of work at internship site on a timesheet

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and apply the following core concepts: civic engagement, social responsibility, and experiential learning;
  • Apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address situations and challenges that arise in 21st-century work environments;
  • Develop and execute a research paper integrating analysis inspired by experiential learning (i.e. an internship) with knowledge gained from an academic discipline;
  • Explore how off-campus work experience contributes to an undergraduate’s intellectual, personal, and professional development and informs future career choices.

Student Eligibility: 195CE Course Enrollment

90 Units

Junior or Senior Standing*

3.0 GPA

Above (or near)*

Secured Internship

*Review UCLA’s Contract Course Policy regarding status and GPA

Internship Site Eligibility:

To be eligible for 195CE credit, internships must:

  • 8 weeks of work in the quarter (at minimum)
  • 8-10 hours of challenging college-level work each week
  • supervised by staff in professional off-campus workplace (no telecommuting or home offices)
  • may be paid or unpaid *

*Positions that would be classified strictly as part-time or full-time jobs by the Department of Labor (including most retail and commission-based sales positions) are NOT eligible for credit.

*The Department of Labor and State of California require students who intern at a for-profit company to either be paid or receive academic credit for the internship.

International Student Eligibility:

International students interested in pursuing a paid OR unpaid internship must consult the UCLA Dashew Center about required protocols for international students who wish to pursue an internship in the U.S.:

  • Curricular Practical Training authorization (for F-1 Visa students)
  • Academic Training authorization (for J-1 visa students)

Nondiscrimination Policy:

The UCLA Center for Community Learning is committed to a policy against discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability and protected veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by UC policy and federal and state laws and regulations.

We expect internship sites to adhere to applicable federal and state laws and UC Policy re: nondiscrimination, and urge students to report incidents of bias/harassment to the appropriate office at their internship site, to their internship coordinator, and/or to Center for Community Learning administrators as soon as possible after the incident in question so that we can provide supportive services (including working with campus partners to facilitate an early exit from the internship if needed). We also encourage students to pursue confidential support through Student Legal Services, CAPS, and other campus resources. To the extent that we determine these policies have been violated, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship with the site.

195CE Enrollment Process:

Step 1: Confirm Your Eligibility

Review 195CE eligibility to confirm you meet the course and internship requirements.

Step 5: Meet with your coordinator

Bring required information:

  • – name and location of your internship site
  • – name and email address of your supervisor at the internship
  • – description of internship duties from the organization (i.e. offer letter or position ad)

Your coordinator will confirm your eligibility for the course and provide further instructions on how to enroll. 

NOTE: A Center for Community Learning Coordinator must approve the internship site before you will be provided with instructions for generating your course contract.

Step 6: Enroll in 195CE

Enrollment in 195CE is completed through course contracts.

  • – Following the instructions provided by your coordinator, you will create a course contract on my.ucla.
  • – This will then need to be signed by your internship supervisor and returned to your coordinator by the end of week 2.
  • – Once enrolled, the course will appear on your my.ucla course schedule and your coordinator will provide you with next steps. 

Step 7: Verification of Academic Credit*

*Optional: If your company requires Verification of Academic Credit, please see instructions .

Attention International Students

*International Students interested in 195CE courses are eligible to enroll, but must meet with the Dashew Center prior to beginning their internship in order to receive CPT authorization. For more information visit:

Enrollment Notes:

195CE Courses are offered:

  • Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Session A

Intake Appointments can be scheduled:

  • Week 8 of preceding quarter
  • Weeks 0-2 of course quarter

The deadline to enroll is FRIDAY OF WEEK 2.

  • Space is limited
  • Submit a completed course contract form as soon as possible and no later than Friday of Week 2 to your 195CE internship course coordinator

195CE Internship Course Appointment Scheduling:

There are TWO types of appointments:

  • Intake Appointment

    • Your first appointment with a course coordinator, before you are enrolled
    • Discuss the course and enrollment procedures
  • Course Appointments

    • Take place after you are formally enrolled in the course
    • Four 1:1 appointments with course coordinator, spaced every other week
    • Develop a research project related to your internship and professional goals

Winter 2020 Intake Appointment Information Forthcoming

Contact the Center for Community Learning to schedule your Intake appointment:


E-mail is the quickest way to reach us! Use the form below:


Appointments & Questions:

Subject Area Appointment Availability Forthcoming


Center for Community Learning Front Desk: 310.825.7867


Center for Community Learning: A265 Murphy Hall

Internship Search Resources

You can find and internship multiple ways:

  1. Check out Handshake  (Career Center)
  2. State and National Internships: UC Center Sacramento  and UCLA CAPPP Quarter in Washington D.C.
  3. Online Resources: Idealist.org; internshipprograms.com; Internships.com; losangelesinternships.com
  4. Department and Personal contacts


How can I receive academic credit for an internship?

The Center for Community Learning assists students, faculty and community-based sites with internship courses through several academic departments. Consult the chart on our website for details about available courses.

I want to get credit in a discipline/major you don’t administer, what can I do?

Go to that department and see the undergraduate student advisor. But remember, many of our courses are open to students in any major.

I don’t need or want academic credit for my internship, but the company needs confirmation that I am enrolled.

California labor law requires that any student interning at a for-profit company must be either paid or earning academic credit. Verification of credit can only be supplied AFTER you enroll in a 195CE course through the Center for Community Learning or another course through an individual department. To verify that you are receiving credit for your internship, go to the Registrar’s office (1113 Murphy Hall) to request a letter of verification from Kathleen Parent or Brian Venner. There is a $15 fee for the letter of verification.

Can I receive credit for an on-campus internship?

No, you can only receive credit for off-campus internships. An alternative would be to set up an independent study research course with an individual faculty member. You are responsible to find a professor to sponsor your independent study. Contact the undergraduate counselor for the department that interests you for assistance.

Can I get paid and receive credit for my internship at the same time?

Yes, you may receive both – get paid by your internship and receive credit for your internship. However, positions that would be classified strictly as part-time or full-time jobs by the Department of Labor (including most retail and commission-based sales positions) are NOT eligible for credit.

How many hours a week can I work at my internship?

195CE internship courses require a minimum of 8-10 hours per week (minimum 80 hours per quarter). When arranging a weekly work schedule with their internship supervisor, students should take care to leave time in their schedule to complete the assignments for their 195CE course and any other courses they may be taking during the quarter. The Center for Community Learning discourages students from interning more than part-time (15-20 hours per week), particularly when positions are unpaid.

Can I enroll in two internship courses during the same quarter?

No, a student can only take one 195CE course per quarter.

Students are strongly discouraged from enrolling in more than one 195CE course per quarter. All requests to enroll in an additional internship course in conjunction a second internship position must be reviewed by center administrators on a case-by-case basis and may not be approved.

I started my internship two months ago, can I still receive credit?

You cannot enroll retroactively into a 195CE course. You must be enrolled in the course and interning simultaneously. Also, your internship must continue for the entire quarter in which you are enrolled in the course.

I want to do an internship next quarter. How do I get started? Can I enroll now?

You will need to secure an internship before you can actually enroll into a 195CE course. Tips for researching internships can be found under “Looking for an Internship?” on our website. Remember that you also must meet the 195CE course requirements in order to enroll. (see 195CE Eligibility and Requirements). Enrollment begins in Week 8 of the quarter preceding the internship. Follow the steps on our website to contact the center to schedule an intake appointment.

How many units can I receive for an internship course?

The 195CE internship courses are 4 units.

How many times can I take an internship course?

You may take a total of three 195CE internship courses through the Center for Community Learning but only one per quarter. If you enroll for two or more consecutive quarters at the same internship site, you must enroll in a different internship course each quarter (e.g. if you have a yearlong internship at ABC News, you may take Political Science 195CE, English 195CE and History 195CE).


I’m an international student. Can I get credit for an internship?

Only full-time international students who are earning a degree at UCLA are generally eligible for 195CE internship courses. International EXCHANGE students are not eligible. International students should first consult their Student Counselor at the Dashew Center to confirm eligibility and receive advice about required paperwork, including the process for securing Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Once you have confirmed that you are eligible to intern in the US, schedule an intake appointment at the Center for Community Learning, complete your enrollment paperwork, and then return to the Dashew Center to request CPT authorization.

I am an undergraduate student at another university. Can I enroll in an internship course at UCLA?

Only during summer session and only if you are a current full-time student at another university (i.e. no recent graduates). Contact the Center for Community Learning for more information.

I’m an incoming transfer student. Can I enroll in a summer internship course before the start of my first fall quarter at UCLA?

Yes, incoming transfer students are eligible to enroll—as long as you have been admitted to UCLA and have a UCLA student ID number.

I’m a UCLA Extension student. Can I enroll in an internship course?

No, only matriculated (officially registered) UCLA students are eligible to enroll. Graduating seniors completing their final quarter through UCLA Extension should contact the Center to discuss eligibility.

I recently graduated. Can I receive credit for my internship?

No. The internship courses are open to current UCLA students only.

What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in a 195CE internship course?

  • Have already secured a corporate, non-profit, or government internship
  • Junior or senior standing (completed at least 90 units)
  • Good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA)
  • No incomplete grades in any 195-199 independent study courses

What are the course requirements?

  • Work at least 8-10 hours per week at an off-campus internship site
  • Biweekly meetings with an assigned coordinator who facilitates your coursework
  • Weekly journals/writing assignments
  • Final research paper

What types of internships are eligible for academic credit?

The 195CE courses are set up for students with internships in any corporate, non-profit or governmental agency. The internship must involve challenging college-level work and must take place at a supervised off-campus workplace site (no telecommuting or home offices). The field of your internship does not have to be directly connected to your major or to the department under which you enroll. For example, English majors interning at Sony Music or Smith Barney may enroll in Political Science 195CE.

My internship is not in Los Angeles; can I still enroll in a 195CE internship course?

During summer session, students who are interning outside the Los Angeles area (e.g. San Francisco, New York, London, etc.) can still enroll in a 195CE internship course as long as the internship meets the eligibility guidelines. During regular session, students interested in interning outside the LA area must contact the center to discuss their plans to ensure they will be able to maintain full-time student status and residency. Students who wish to intern while participating in a study abroad program at another university should contact the study abroad office to discuss options. Students who are approved to enroll in a 195CE course while interning outside LA County should meet with a coordinator before leaving town. Written work will be submitted via a course website and meetings will be held on the phone.

I do not have junior or senior standing. Can I enroll in a 195CE internship course?

No. In accordance with UCLA policy  for contract courses numbered 195 and above, 195CE courses are only open to students who have reached junior standing and completed at least 90 units. Lower-division students with an internship that requires credit can defer the internship until a later quarter or consult their home department about options for earning credit. Other options for gaining community-based work experience that are open to students of any class standing include securing internships with nonprofit and government agencies (which do not require academic credit), and enrolling in service learning courses.

My major is not one of the departments that offers a 195CE course. Can I still enroll if I have an internship?

Yes. Many 195CE internship courses are open to all majors. See our website for specific eligibility requirements and restrictions.


I tried to enroll in a 195CE course through MyUCLA but the system won’t let me.

You cannot enroll in a 195CE course through MyUCLA.. Please contact the Center to first set up an appointment with a Coordinator. During this meeting, you will receive instructions about how to create an independent study course contract for your internship course. If you need assistance generating your course contract, email your coordinator or call the Center for Community Learning.

How do I enroll in a 195CE Internship Course?

  • Once you have secured an internship, email Center for Community Learning or call 310.825.7867 to schedule a meeting with a Graduate Student Coordinator in A265 Murphy Hall. 195CE internship courses are considered “contract courses” and enrollment cannot be completed through MyUCLA.
  • A Graduate Student Coordinator must approve your internship site. Once the site is approved, your coordinator will provide you with enrollment instructions.
  • Deadline to enroll is Friday of Week 2


I cannot meet during my coordinator’s office hours. What can I do?

All of the coordinators’ office hours are set for the quarter. If the enrollment deadline has not already passed (Friday of Week 2), consult the Center for Community Learning about enrolling in a different course that accommodates your schedule. If the quarter is already underway, you will need to adjust your schedule in order to make the required bi-weekly meetings.

Can I arrange phone appointments instead of coming in to meet with my coordinator?

If your internship is outside Los Angeles County, you can arrange phone appointments. However, if you are interning in the Greater Los Angeles area, you must meet in person with your coordinator every two weeks.

I’ve been emailing my coordinator and she/he is not responding.

Coordinators are graduate students who are part-time employees, so they are not in the office all the time. Please try to reach your coordinator during his/her scheduled office hours.

When is my final paper due?

Final papers are due Friday of Week 10. Detailed instructions are available in the course syllabus. Specific questions about the final paper should be addressed to your coordinator.

I need to drop the course. What should I do?

Contact your coordinator first to let them know that you plan to drop the course. He/she will advise you about drop procedures. You can also consult the Registrar’s website  or your undergraduate counselor. International students must also consult the Dashew Center before dropping an internship course because dropping is generally not advised for international students due to complications related to CPT authorization.

It’s already Week 4 and I want to change my internship site. Can I do this?

This is not allowed. Please contact your coordinator immediately to discuss your situation. The final decision is made by the Center Director.

I have not received my grade yet. When will it be posted?

Grades can take 1-2 weeks to post after the end of finals week. If more time than this has passed, final grades may have been delayed if the department did not submit the grades before the posting deadline. Please contact your coordinator, who will follow up with the department.

The company where I am interning needs a letter verifying that I am receiving credit for my internship. Where do I get this?

You must be currently enrolled in a 195CE internship course to receive proof of academic credit. Go to the Registrar’s office (1113 Murphy Hall) to get a letter of verification, from Kathleen Parent or Brian Venner. There is a $15 fee for the letter of verification.

California labor law requires that any student interning at a for-profit company must be either paid or earning academic credit.

How do I cancel an appointment with my coordinator?

Email your cancellation to Center for Community Learning  (include your UID and date/time of appointment) or call the Center at 310.825.7867.

How do I make an appointment with a coordinator?

Email your meeting request to Center for Community Learning  (include your UID and availability) or call the Center at 310.825.7867.

I’m already enrolled in the 195 course but I got fired from my internship. Can I still pass the course?

To pass the course you must complete all requirements, which include fulfilling the minimum number of hours for the entire quarter. Please contact your coordinator immediately to discuss your situation. The final decision is made by the Center Director.