The UCLA Center for Community Learning is the home of Jumpstart, an AmeriCorps program for UCLA undergraduates that promotes literacy among preschool students. Students from all majors are welcome to apply for this one-year program with local preschools.


Join Jumpstart to put children first. Earn an AmeriCorps education award and work-study, while teaching early literacy. Visit our office at A266 Murphy Hall, Call us at 310.825.5435 or email us for more information!


I SERVE BECAUSE I believe that I can make a difference, no matter how small, in my community. I believe that these small differences add up, and that together we can achieve something grand. I serve with Jumpstart because I have always believed in the importance of literacy and education, especially when the stakes are so high. I serve because I believe I have the power to help close the achievement gap between the preschools I serve and those of more affluent communities, and because I believe in Jumpstart’s mission to work towards the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Monica Pan

I SERVE BECAUSE I am a firm believer in education, which is why I am a proud advocate of the AmeriCorps program, Jumpstart. Through the promotion of early childhood literacy and education, we can attain the change we need. As a minority, it is my job to give back to my community and serve those that are underrepresented. To me, this is what the AmeriCorps pledge is all about, and Jumpstart allows me to uphold this pledge while putting my time and energy in something I am truly passionate about. Leslie Palacios

I SERVE BECAUSE I want to make a difference in this world. One of my greatest passions is helping others succeed in education. Jumpstart allows me to do so by preparing preschool aged children to develop and enhance their literacy skills, which will help them be prepared for kindergarten. It is such a joy to see their smiling, joyous faces every week and see them advance in their literacy skills. They are always so excited when “Jumpstart is here!” I love being able to provide support in their academic endeavors through literacy and be a positive influence as I spread the joy of reading to my partner children and the class. Jailene Aguirre

I SERVE BECAUSE I want to better the social well-being of the Los Angeles community. The AmeriCorps pledge means a wholehearted commitment from me to serve and aid the community at large. My service is helping provide students with the elementary tools and foundations to succeed in their educational endeavors. The aid I hope to provide to families and children, is that of supporting the development of the next generation by participating in the creation of imaginative and nurturing environments.



If you are interested in more information about Jumpstart OR would like to apply to this scholarship program, please send applications, resumes and inquiries to April Nunn  or call 310.825.5435.

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