Service Learning courses are designed to give UCLA students the opportunity to connect their coursework with projects at off-campus community organizations. 

Students from all majors and minors can participate in service learning courses at any point during their academic career. Courses range from GE and Writing I and II courses to upper division electives and can be taught in small seminars or large lectures. Each course has graded assignments and oral or written reflection opportunities during class. 


 Each year, UCLA students actively engage with more than 75 community partners and work roughly 71,800 hours across Los Angeles County. Service learning sites chosen in advance by faculty members, often with consultation from the Center for Community Learning.  

Students typically work at least 20 hours per quarter. Some projects involve direct service (such as tutoring and mentoring) while other projects engage students in research or policy analysis. 

Regardless of the specific site or service learning format, students who participate will discover that there are real-world applications to their coursework. In addition, students often share that service learning courses give them a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter, and the opportunity to develop essential personal, professional, and leadership skills. 

Click on the map below to explore how UCLA undergraduates are engaging Los Angeles through the Center for Community Learning’s service learning courses.
ccl story map

This interactive “storymap”  was developed by Center Assistant Director Beth Goodhue in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities .


American Indian Studies C122SL – Working in Tribal Communities: Service Learning
Arts Education M192SL – Arts Education Undergraduate Practicum and Capstone Project
Asian American Studies 140SL – Power to People:  Asian American and Pacific Islander Community-Based Learning
Chicana and Chicano Studies 100SL – Barrio Organization and Service Learning
Chicana and Chicano Studies M167SL – Taking It to Street:  Spanish in Community
Civic Engagement 50SL – Engaging Los Angeles — Diversity!
English 4WS – Critical Reading and Writing (Service Learning) — Writing 2!
English 119SL – Literary Cities–Service Learning:   Refugee Literature, Then and Now
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies (LGBTQS) 180 SL – LGBT Institutions and Organizations
Mathematics 71SL and 72SL – Classroom Practices in Mathematics
Psychology (PSYCH) M176SL – Addressing Social Determinants in Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities to Reduce and Prevent Health Disparities
Science Education 1SL and 10SL – Classroom Practices in Science
Spanish (SPAN) M165SL – Taking It to Street:  Spanish in Community
Statistics (STATS) 141SL – Practice of Statistical Consulting


Highlights from Spanish M172SL – Latinos, Linguistics, and Literacy
“Bridging knowledge through Spanish Service Learning at UCLA” Faculty: Dr. Carla Suhr, Department of Spanish and Portuguese