Astin Civic Engagement Scholars

Astin Scholars
The Astin Scholars Program supports the work of a select group of students who will conduct research on civic engagement during their senior year.

Over the course of a full academic year, students integrate experience gained from an internship at a community organization with academic requirements, under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Each scholar will produce a comprehensive research thesis.

The program is named for visionary UCLA higher education scholars Helen ("Lena") and Alexander ("Sandy") Astin to honor their nationally recognized body of research in the area of civic engagement.

Administered by the UCLA Center for Community Learning with inaugural funding from the UCLA Foundation, the Astin Scholars Program celebrates the work of community-based undergraduate researchers committed to civic engagement.

Scholars chosen to participate in the 2015 Spring Training Program will be awarded $1,000 each. Senior Scholars chosen to continue for the 2015-16 academic year will be awarded $2,000 each per academic quarter, for a total of $6,000 in your senior year.