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UCLA Diversity Course Approval Page

Courses listed as pending are under review by the Undergraduate Council's ad hoc Diversity Course Approval Committee. If you are interested in submitting a course to be considered for the diversity requirement, please visit:

Memo DateCourseApplication MaterialsStatus/Approval MemoStart TermEnd Term
3/6/2015AFRO-AM C191Variable Topics Research Seminars: Afro-American StudiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015AM IND C145Contemporary Indigenous NationsApproved15F 
3/6/2015ANTHRO 98TAnthropology of Gender Variance across Cultures from Third Gender to TransgenderApproved15F 
3/6/2015ANTHRO 149ALanguage and IdentityApproved15F 
3/6/2015ART M184Chicana Art and ArtistsApproved15F 
3/6/2015ART M185Whose Monument Where: Course on Public ArtApproved15F 
3/6/2015ASIA AM 50Asian American WomenApproved15F 
3/6/2015CHICANO 131Barrio Popular CultureApproved15F 
3/6/2015CHICANO 182Understanding Whiteness in American History and CultureApproved15F 
3/6/2015CLASSIC 60Fantastic Journey: Antiquity and BeyondApproved15F 
3/6/2015CLASSIC 150BFemale in Roman Literature and CultureApproved15F 
3/6/2015COMM ST 110Gender and CommunicationApproved15F 
3/6/2015DIS STD 101WPerspectives on Disability StudiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015EDUC 122Perspectives on American CollegeApproved15F 
3/6/2015EDUC C160Theory and Practice of Intergroup Dialogue: Building Facilitation SkillsApproved15F 
3/6/2015ENVIRON M167Environmental Justice through Multiple LensesApproved15F 
3/6/2015FILM TV 114Film GenresApproved15F 
3/6/2015FRENCH 41French Cinema and CultureApproved15F 
3/6/2015GE CLST 20AInterracial Dynamics in American Culture and SocietyApproved15F 
3/6/2015GE CLST 20BInterracial Dynamics in American Culture and SocietyApproved15F 
3/6/2015GE CLST 60AAmerica in Sixties: Politics, Society, and Culture, 1954 to 1974Approved15F 
3/6/2015GE CLST 60BAmerica in Sixties: Politics, Society, and Culture, 1954 to 1974Approved15F 
3/6/2015GE CLST M72BSex from Biology to Gendered SocietyApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 10Introduction to Gender StudiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 102PowerApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER M121Topics in Gender and DisabilitiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 122MasculinitiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 123Gender, Race, and Class in Latin American Literature and Film, 1850 to 1950Approved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 129Women and Gender in CaribbeanApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 142Race, Gender, and PunishmentApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER 145African American Women's HistoryApproved15F 
3/6/2015GENDER M149Media: Gender, Race, Class, and SexualityApproved15F 
3/6/2015GEOG 151Cities and Social DifferenceApproved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 8AColonial Latin AmericaApproved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 105CSurvey of Middle East, 500 to Present: 1700 to PresentApproved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 111CTopics in Middle Eastern History: ModernApproved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 161Topics in Latin American HistoryApproved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 172CModern Japanese History, 1850 to 1945Approved15F 
3/6/2015HIST 191DCapstone Seminar: History -- U.S.Approved15F 
3/6/2015HNRS 105Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HealthcareApproved15F 
3/6/2015LGBTS M114Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender StudiesApproved15F 
3/6/2015MCD BIO 50Stem Cell Biology, Politics, and Ethics: Teasing Apart IssuesApproved15F 
3/6/2015MCD BIO 60Biomedical EthicsApproved15F 
3/6/2015MUS HST 60American MusicalApproved15F 
3/6/2015MUS HST 61Music in Los AngelesApproved15F 
3/6/2015MUS HST M136Music and GenderApproved15F 
3/6/2015MUS HST M137Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Perspectives in Pop MusicApproved15F 
3/6/2015POL SCI 60Diversity and Disagreement: How to Succeed in Politics without Really TryingApproved15F 
3/6/2015PSYCH 133GCulture and Human DevelopmentApproved15F 
3/6/2015PSYCH 188ASpecial Seminars: PsychologyApproved15F 
3/6/2015RELIGN M50Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and IslamApproved15F 
3/6/2015SLAVIC 90Introduction to Slavic CivilizationApproved15F 
3/6/2015SOC GEN 105BProblems of Identity at Biology/Society InterfaceApproved15F 
3/6/2015SOCIOL M148Sociology of Mental IllnessApproved15F 
3/6/2015SOCIOL M162Sociology of GenderApproved15F 
3/6/2015SPAN 172SLMLatinos, Linguistics, and LiteracyApproved15F 
3/6/2015WL ARTS 120Selected Topics in Cultural StudiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015AF AMER M124Comparative Racialization and IndigeneityApproved15F 
5/27/2015AF AMER M159PConstructing RaceApproved15F 
5/27/2015AF AMER M173Nonviolence and Social MovementsApproved15F 
5/27/2015AFRO-AM M5Social Organization of Black CommunitiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015AM IND M162Language Endangerment and Linguistic RevitalizationApproved15F 
5/27/2015AM IND C178California Experiences in Native Cultural Resource ManagementApproved15F 
5/27/2015AN N EA 10WJerusalem: Holy CityApproved15F 
5/27/2015AN N EA 15Women and Power in Ancient WorldApproved15F 
5/27/2015ANTHRO C144Native American Languages and CulturesApproved15F 
5/27/2015ANTHRO M159PConstructing RaceApproved15F 
5/27/2015ANTHRO M162Language Endangerment and Linguistic RevitalizationApproved15F 
5/27/2015ANTHRO 167Urban AnthropologyApproved15F 
5/27/2015ART M186ABeyond Mexican Mural: Beginning Muralism and Community DevelopmentApproved15F 
5/27/2015ART&ARC M102Introduction to Arts Education for Multiple Publics: Theory and PracticeApproved15F 
5/27/2015ASIA AM M124Comparative Racialization and IndigeneityApproved15F 
5/27/2015ASIA AM M169Constructing RaceApproved15F 
5/27/2015CHICANO M173Nonviolence and Social MovementsApproved15F 
5/27/2015CHICANO M175Chicana Art and ArtistsApproved15F 
5/27/2015CHICANO M185Whose Monument Where: Course on Public ArtApproved15F 
5/27/2015CHICANO M186ABeyond Mexican Mural: Beginning Muralism and Community DevelopmentApproved15F 
5/27/2015CIVIC 110SLMCommunity-Based Studies of Popular LiteratureApproved15F 
5/27/2015COM LIT 2CWSurvey of Literature: Age of Enlightenment to 20th CenturyApproved15F 
5/27/2015COM LIT CM170Alternate Traditions: In Search of Female Voices in Contemporary LiteratureApproved15F 
5/27/2015COMM ST 136Media Portrayals of Gays and LesbiansApproved15F 
5/27/2015COMM ST M149Media: Gender, Race, Class, and SexualityApproved15F 
5/27/2015DANCE 45Introduction to Dance StudiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015DANCE 101Theories of DanceApproved15F 
5/27/2015EDUC M104Introduction to Arts Education for Multiple Publics: Theory and PracticeApproved15F 
5/27/2015EDUC M108Sociology of EducationApproved15F 
5/27/2015EDUC M136Working Families and Educational Inequalities in Urban SchoolsApproved15F 
5/27/2015EDUC 147Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Education and LawApproved15F 
5/27/2015EDUC 187Variable Topics in EducationApproved151 
5/27/2015ENGL 115SLMCommunity-Based Studies of Popular LiteratureApproved15F 
5/27/2015ENGL 157Translation and Innovation in English Renaissance and Early Modern PeriodApproved15F 
5/27/2015ENGL 161CNovel in English to 1850Approved15F 
5/27/2015ENGL 163CJane Austen and Her PeersApproved15F 
5/27/2015FRNCH 112Medieval Foundations of European CivilizationApproved15F 
5/27/2015FRNCH 171Medieval FlixApproved15F 
5/27/2015FRNCH 191AVariable Topics Research Seminars in TranslationApproved15F 
5/27/2015GE CLST M72ASex from Biology to Gendered SocietyApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER 103KnowledgeApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER 104BodiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER 108SViolence against WomenApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER M114Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender StudiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER CM170Alternate Traditions: In Search of Female Voices in Contemporary LiteratureApproved15F 
5/27/2015GENDER M174Sociology of FamilyApproved15F 
5/27/2015HIST 5Holocaust: History and MemoryApproved15F 
5/27/2015HIST 11BHistory of China: 1000 to 1950Approved15F 
5/27/2015HIST 102AIran and Persianate WorldApproved15F 
5/27/2015HIST 153American WestApproved15F 
5/27/2015LBR&WS M136Working Families and Educational Inequalities in Urban SchoolsApproved15F 
5/27/2015LBR&WS M149Media: Gender, Race, Class, and SexualityApproved15F 
5/27/2015LBR&WS M173Nonviolence and Social MovementsApproved15F 
5/27/2015MUS HST 64Motown and Soul: African American Popular Music of 1960sApproved15F 
5/27/2015POL SCI 132AInternational Relations of Middle EastApproved15F 
5/27/2015POL SCI M132BInternational Relations of Middle EastApproved15F 
5/27/2015PSYCH 188ASpecial Seminars: PsychologyApproved15F 
5/27/2015SOCIOL M5Social Organization of Black CommunitiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015SOCIOL M174Sociology of FamilyApproved15F 
5/27/2015SOCIOL M175Sociology of EducationApproved15F 
5/27/2015SOCIOL 191VVariable Topics Research Seminars: SociologyApproved15F 
5/27/2015URBN PL 141Planning with Minority CommunitiesApproved15F 
5/27/2015WL ARTS M126Whose Monument Where: Course on Public ArtApproved15F 
5/27/2015WL ARTS M128Chicana Art and ArtistsApproved15F 
10/26/2015APPLING 172SLMLatinos, Linguistics, and LiteracyApproved15F 
10/26/2015CHICANO 164SLMOral History: Latino New Immigrant YouthApproved15F 
10/26/2015CHICANO 170SLMLatinos, Linguistics, and LiteracyApproved15F 
10/26/2015DANCE 44World Dance HistoriesApproved15F 
10/26/2015EPS SCI 13Natural DisastersApproved15F 
10/26/2015GE CLST 80AFrontiers in Human AgingApproved15F 
10/26/2015GE CLST 80BFrontiers in Human AgingApproved15F 
10/26/2015HIST 9DIntroduction to Asian Civilizations: History of Middle EastApproved15F 
10/26/2015HIST 109BHistory of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1881 to PresentApproved15F 
10/26/2015HIST 142DAmerican Popular CultureApproved15F 
10/26/2015HNRS 175Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Practical ApproachApproved15F 
10/26/2015RELIGN 11Religion in Los AngelesApproved15F 
10/26/2015SLAVIC 40Christianities East and WestApproved15F 
10/26/2015SLAVIC 87Languages of Los AngelesApproved15F 
11/19/2015EPS SCI 123Geosciences OutreachApproved16W 
11/19/2015NEUROSC M187Neurobiology of Bias and DiscriminationApproved16W 
11/19/2015PSYCH M166Neurobiology of Bias and DiscriminationApproved16W 
11/23/2015AM IND M10Introduction to American Indian StudiesApproved16W 
11/23/2015COM LIT 1DGreat Books from World at LargeApproved16W 
11/23/2015COM LIT 2DWSurvey of Literature: Great Books from World at LargeApproved16W 
11/23/2015COM LIT 4DWLiterature and Writing: Great Books from World at LargeApproved16W 
11/23/2015GENDER M104CDiversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and EthnicityApproved16W 
11/23/2015GRNTLGY M104CDiversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and EthnicityApproved16W 
11/23/2015ITALIAN 152Italy between Europe and AfricaApproved16W 
11/23/2015SCAND 50Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and CulturesApproved16W 
11/23/2015SCAND 60WIntroduction to Nordic CinemaApproved16W 
11/23/2015SCAND C174AMinority Cultures in ScandinaviaApproved16W 
11/23/2015SEASIAN 157Gender Issues in Southeast AsiaApproved16W 
11/23/2015SOC WLF M104CDiversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and EthnicityApproved16W 
11/23/2015WL ARTS M23Introduction to American Indian StudiesApproved16W 
2/4/2016HIST 8CLatin American Social HistoryApproved16W 
2/4/2016HIST 12AInequality: History of Mass ImprisonmentApproved16W 
4/25/2016ANTHRO 149BGender and Language in SocietyApproved16F 
4/25/2016APPLING 40WLanguage and Gender: Introduction to Gender and StereotypesApproved16F 
4/25/2016ASIA AM 30Asian American Literature and CultureApproved16F 
4/25/2016CHIN M60Introduction to Chinese ReligionsApproved16F 
4/25/2016CIVIC 100SLPerspectives on Civic EngagementApproved16F 
4/25/2016ENGCOMP 3DSEnglish Composition, Rhetoric, and Language (Service Learning)Approved16F 
4/25/2016ENGL 108Interracial EncountersApproved16F 
4/25/2016ENGL 170AAmerican Literature, 1865 to 1900Approved16F 
4/25/2016GENDER 113Sex WorkApproved16F 
4/25/2016GLBL ST 110BGlobalization in Context Research SeminarApproved16F 
4/25/2016HIST 149BNorth American Indian History, 1830 to PresentApproved16S 
4/25/2016HLT POL 206Healthcare for Vulnerable PopulationsApproved16F 
4/25/2016ITALIAN 77Encounters between Christianity, Islam, and New Worlds in Age of DiscoveryApproved16F 
4/25/2016LBR&WS M166AImmigrant Rights, Labor, and Higher EducationApproved16F 
4/25/2016MUS HST 13Punk: Music, History, SubcultureApproved16F 
4/25/2016PHYSCI 121Disease Mechanisms and TherapiesApproved16S 
4/25/2016PSYCH 133FPsychology and EducationApproved16S 
4/25/2016PSYCH 174Health DisparitiesApproved16F 
4/25/2016RELIGN M60BIntroduction to Chinese ReligionsApproved16F 
4/25/2016SCAND 50WIntroduction to Scandinavian Literatures and CulturesApproved16F 
4/25/2016SOC GEN 85Critical Study of Health, Sickness, and Healing in Global PerspectiveApproved16S 
5/4/2016AM IND 120Working in Tribal Communities: IntroductionApproved16W 
5/4/2016AM IND C130California Indian Strategies for Contemporary ChallengesApproved16W 
5/4/2016AM IND M161Comparative American Indian SocietiesApproved16W 
5/4/2016CHICANO M105AEarly Chicana/Chicano Literature, 1400 to 1920Approved16W 
5/4/2016CHICANO M105BChicana/Chicano Literature from Mexican Revolution to el Movimiento, 1920 to 1970sApproved16W 
5/4/2016CHICANO M105CChicana/Chicano Literature since el Movimiento, 1970s to PresentApproved16W 
5/4/2016ENGCOMP 3DEnglish Composition, Rhetoric, and LanguageApproved16W 
5/4/2016ENGL 100Introduction to Ethnic StudiesApproved16W 
5/4/2016ETHNOMU 45Music of Bollywood and BeyondApproved16W 
5/4/2016HNRS 90Hollywood and Global ResponsibilityApproved16W 
5/4/2016HNRS 140Dominants and Subordinates: Social Psychology of Privilege and Oppression in Public EducationApproved16W 
6/2/2016VIETMSE 40War in Vietnamese Popular CultureApproved16F 
11/2/2016AF AMER M109Women in JazzApproved17W 
11/2/2016AF AMER 188ASpecial Courses in Afro-American StudiesApproved17W 
11/2/2016ASIA AM 133Pilipino American ExperienceApproved17W 
11/2/2016CIVIC 170SLFood Studies and Food Justice in Los AngelesApproved17W 
11/2/2016CIVIC 175SLMAddressing Social Determinants in Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities to Reduce and Prevent Health DisparitiesApproved16S 
11/2/2016ENGL 148Cultures of Middle AgesApproved17W 
11/2/2016ETHNMUS 35Blues, Society, and American CultureApproved17W 
11/2/2016ETHNMUS M109Women in JazzApproved17W 
11/2/2016ETHNOMU M110AAfrican American Musical HeritageApproved17W 
11/2/2016ETHNOMU M110BAfrican American Musical HeritageApproved17W 
11/2/2016FRENCH 160Francophone Cultures in EnglishApproved17W 
11/2/2016GE CLST M71ABiotechnology and SocietyApproved17W 
11/2/2016GE CLST M71BBiotechnology and SocietyApproved17W 
11/2/2016GENDER M109Women in JazzApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 3CIntroduction to History of Science: History of Modern Science, Relativity to DNAApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 8BModern Latin AmericaApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 9CIntroduction to Asian Civilizations: History of JapanApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 22Contemporary World History, 1760 to PresentApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 126Europe in Age of Revolution, circa 1775 to 1815Approved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 139AU.S., Civil War and ReconstructionApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST M142CHistory of Religion in U.S.Approved17W 
11/2/2016HIST M150BIntroduction to Afro-American HistoryApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 164ETopics in African History: Africa, 1945 to PresentApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST 174BHistory of British India IApproved17W 
11/2/2016HIST M174GIndian Identity in U.S. and DiasporaApproved17W 
11/2/2016LBR&WS 167Worker Center Movement: Next Wave Organizing for Justice for Immigrant WorkersApproved17W 
11/2/2016POL SCI 181APolitics of Latino CommunitiesApproved17W 
11/2/2016RELIGN M142CHistory of Religion in U.S.Approved17W 
11/2/2016SOC GEN M71ABiotechnology and SocietyApproved16F 
11/2/2016SOC GEN M71BBiotechnology and SocietyApproved16F 
11/2/2016SOC GEN M140Hormones and Behavior in Humans and Other AnimalsApproved17W 
11/2/2016SOC GEN M144Stress and Society: Biology and InequalityApproved17W 
11/2/2016SOC GEN 164Ethics in Health and ResearchApproved17W 
11/2/2016SOC GEN 165Introduction to BioethicsApproved17W 
11/2/2016SOCIOL 186Latin American SocietiesApproved17W 
11/2/2016THEATER 107Drama of DiversityApproved17W 
2/8/2017ASIA AM 10History of Asian AmericansApproved17S 
2/8/2017ASIA AM 40Asian American MovementApproved17S 
2/8/2017CIVIC 145Conflict, Power, Inequality, and ChangeApproved17S 
2/8/2017CIVIC 152Exploring Social Change: Critical Analysis through Lens of Community Organizing and Social MovementsApproved17S 
2/8/2017HIST 12BInequality: History of NeoliberalismApproved17S 
2/8/2017HIST 13AHistory of the U.S. and Its Colonial Origins: Colonial Origins and First Nation Building ActsApproved17S 
2/8/2017HIST 13CHistory of the U.S. and Its Colonial Origins: 20th CenturyApproved17S 
2/8/2017HIST 139BU.S., 1875 to 1900Approved17S 
2/8/2017HIST 140C20th-Century U.S. History since 1960Approved17S 
2/8/2017SOCIOL 154Race and Ethnicity: International PerspectivesApproved17S 
3/15/2017DGT HUM 30Los Angeles Tech City: Digital Technologies and Spatial JusticeApproved17S 
3/15/2017ENVIRON 25Good Food for Everyone: Health, Sustainability, and CultureApproved17S 

** GE Cluster courses (and their Multiple Listed partners) are not included in the GE Master List

Code Foundation NamefoundationSubCategoryfoundationCategoryfoundationNameShort
LCArts & Humanities (Literary and Cultural Analysis)K1AHLiterary and Cultural Analysis
PLArts & Humanities (Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis)K2AHPhilosophical and Linguistic Analysis
VPArts & Humanities (Visual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice)K3AHVisual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice
LSScientific Inquiry (Life Sciences)M1SILife Sciences
PSScientific Inquiry (Physical Sciences)M2SIPhysical Sciences
HASociety and Culture (Historical Analysis)L1SCHistorical Analysis
SASociety and Culture (Social Analysis)L2SCSocial Analysis