Welcome to the College Diversity web site. This site was designed as a resource for faculty, who are interested in proposing a course for diversity credit or who are seeking resources to mount a diversity-related course.

Please note that there are two committees with separate charges. The Diversity Ad Hoc Committee of the Undergraduate Council is charged with reviewing and approving courses for diversity credit. The Diversity Initiative Steering Committee is charged with reviewing funding proposals. Both committees work closely when funding requests involve courses that are also requesting diversity credit.


UCLA is sending undergraduates out into a diverse and complex world. We want them to be leaders, so it is our responsibility to help them get the education they need to succeed. There is substantial evidence that a diversity-related curriculum brings considerable value to students and the campus. This proposed requirement creates a structure that gives TAs, Faculty, and students tools for this and an infrastructure that articulates the value we place on this aspect of the students’ education. Even though some courses have existed (and some students are already fulfilling this requirement), this cohesive organizational structure will increase the efficacy of a diversity-related curriculum, and support development of new courses in disciplines that currently offer few courses that would fulfill the diversity requirement. EVC Waugh has committed to provide resources for new course development; re-tooling existing courses; TAs; TA training; development opportunities for interested faculty; and visiting lectureships.