The Chair of UCLA Disability Studies and the UCLA Faculty Executive Committee have approved the request to allow all minor requirements completed in Spring 2020 to be satisfied with a Pass or Letter Grade.  This only applies to courses completed in Spring 2020.

For students who elect to complete a course for Pass/No Pass (P/NP), they will satisfy the minor requirement so long as they earn a “Pass”, which is a minimum C grade.  There is no limit to how many P/NP courses completed in Spring 2020 can apply toward the minor requirements. Please note that satisfactory completion of the minor does require a minimum 3.0 minor GPA.

If you wish to complete a minor requirement for Pass/No Pass, please submit your request during the current quarter (Spring 2020 – weeks 1-10):


How to Change the Grading Basis during Spring 2020


DS 101W*

Update grading basis on MyUCLA

We will only accept current requests for grading changes (Spring 2020, weeks 1-10).  Requests for retroactive grading changes (Finals week and thereafter, must be submitted to your College or School Advising Unit).

DS Minor Electives**

Update grading basis on MyUCLA

DS 195CE or DS 196 (Internship Requirement)

Click here to submit a request through MyUCLA Form.

DS 191 (Capstone Seminar)***

Click here to submit a request through MyUCLA Form.

DS 199B (Independent Capstone Project)

Click here to submit a request through MyUCLA Form.

*For Spring 2020 only, student enrolled in DS 101W may elect to complete the course for Pass/No Pass.  Students must earn a minimum C grade in order to “Pass”.  Change the grading basis on MyUCLA during weeks 1-10 of spring quarter.  Retroactive grading requests (Finals week and thereafter) must be submitted to the College or School Advising Unit.

**For courses listed in other departments (i.e. Psychology, Gender Studies, etc.), please consult that department on what their P/NP Policy is for Spring 2020.  Please note that not all departments are allowing optional grading basis for their courses.

***Disability Studies M191F/Gender Studies M191F is for letter grade only.  Students enrolled in this capstone and who request to complete this course on a Pass/No Pass basis will need to submit a Blue Petition.  Please consult Mana Hayakawa on the process.


Students in the Disability Studies minor are motivated by intellectual curiosity and sensitivity often kindled from the experience of a family member or friend, and by professional aspirations to work with disabled populations in a variety of career paths.

Graduates are equipped with perspectives and sensibilities that prepare them well for public and private sector careers in: architecture, education, engineering, government, health care, law, management, medicine, music, public policy and the arts.