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“The students I met in the CAPPP program are some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met at UCLA.”
Angelica Galang

UCLA Quarter in Washington Program Application Process

  1. Application Documents: An application to the UCLA Quarter in Washington program must include six items. Click the plus sign next to each tab heading to expand for detailed instructions for each item. Click here for application deadlines. Currently we are only accepting applications online .
  2. Decisions: Acceptance decisions are sent out via email approximately two weeks after the application deadline. See Important Dates and Deadlines.
  3. Orientation: If you are accepted or wait-listed, you must attend a mandatory online group orientation session that lasts about an hour. After the orientation, the internship search process begins.

1. Application Form

1. Application Form
This is a simple, one-page form that provides some basic information about you. Currently we are only accepting applications online  . Our system enables you to fill out the application form and upload your application materials.

2. Resumé

2. Resumé
Online  submit a one-page resumé, listing relevant educational and work experiences, any special skills, honors, or awards, and any other related experiences such as internships or volunteer positions. Include your UCLA GPA, major, any minors, and expected date of graduation. Do not include any activities or work experience from high school.

3. Transcripts

Online  submit an up-to-date unofficial UCLA transcript, (NOT a DAR), available as a pdf from your account on Please also upload unofficial transcripts from any other colleges you have attended, such as community colleges, where you completed at least a year of coursework.

4. Letter(s) of Recommendation

4. Letter(s) of Recommendation
Submit at least one letter of recommendation, preferably from a UCLA professor who is familiar with your academic work. A letter from a professor in your area of interest is best. A letter from a TA is acceptable, though not preferable. You can submit additional letters if you wish.

All letters must be on the official stationery of the department, company or organization, and addressed To Whom It May Concern.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Letters of recommendation can be submitted in one of two ways: 1) uploaded online  by the recommender,  2) emailed by the recommender to  We cannot accept letters directly from applicants. Letters must be received by the application deadline.

WHAT SHOULD BE IN THE LETTER: Recommenders should 1) explain how they know you; 2) discuss your performance in that context; 3) assess your future promise and suitability for the Quarter in Washington Program. You should talk to your recommenders about your research topic and your internship interests. It’s a good idea to send them your resume and, if you can, a draft of your one page application essay.

5. Statement of Purpose

5. One-Page Statement of Purpose
Submit a well-written one-page, single-spaced essay that addresses the following:

— Discuss an issue that motivates you to spend a quarter in Washington, DC. This could be a current domestic policy question, an international issue, an economic or sociological phenomenon, a historical or legal question, or a politically relevant debate in the arts.

–How would spending a quarter in DC exploring this issue contribute to your future career plans?

Give the essay a title and include your name.

6. Additional Writing Sample

6. Additional Writing Sample
Submit a short (no more than five pages) sample of your writing. This can be an academic paper, an article you wrote for a publication, or an essay answer from a course examination. If you would like to submit an excerpt from a longer academic paper, provide an introductory paragraph so the reader understands the context of the sample you submit.

7. Dean’s Certification

7. Dean’s Certification
Consideration for admission to the UCLA Quarter in Washington Program is contingent upon review from the UCLA Office of the Dean of Students. When you submit your application, you  authorize us to request a  “Dean’s Certification .” No other action on your part is needed. A Dean’s Certification is verification of a student’s disciplinary history at the institution. It is completed in accordance with the guidelines in the UCLA Student Conduct Code .Please note, the UCLA Office of the Dean of Students will charge a $5.00 fee for the certification. This fee will be charged to your BruinBill account.