The College Diversity Requirement was passed in April 2015 after an all-campus vote of Senate faculty. Starting in Fall 2015, all incoming first-year students were required to fulfill the requirement; transfer students were held to the requirement beginning in fall 2017. At the time, there were two committees charged with implementing the requirement: the Diversity Initiative Steering Committee, and the Diversity Requirement Ad-Hoc Committee. As of February 15, 2018, the Diversity Education Governance Committee was created and charged with all matters pertaining to diversity education at UCLA. The following documents are posted here for reference:

  1. Expanded Synopsis of Proposed Diversity Requirement
  2. Proposed Diversity Requirement Proposal
  3. Report from the Diversity Initiative Implementation Committee
  4. Letter from EVC/Provost Waugh, dated 9/10/14
  5. Letter from Director of Academic Advising, dated 10/23/14
  6. Letter from EVC/Provost Waugh, dated 2/13/15
  7. Letter from Academic Planning and Budget, dated 5/9/15
  8. Text of the regulation change
  9. Memo from UgC establishing DEGC, dated 11/6/17

Additional information, including an annotated bibliography of diversity research, can be found on the CCLE site for the College Diversity Initiative .