The Center for Community Learning provides students with the opportunity to earn academic credit for an internship by enrolling in a 195CE Internship Course (open to juniors and seniors).

NOTE: Intake appointments for summer will be available May 20 – June 1 & June 24 – July 5, or until courses fill.

Summer course options include:

  • English
  • History
  • International and Area Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Call now to schedule an intake appointment!


You can find and internship multiple ways:

  1. Check out Handshake  (Career Center)
  2. State and National Internships: UC Center Sacramento  and UCLA CAPPP Quarter in Washington D.C.
  3. Online Resources:;;;
  4. Department and Personal contacts

The Department of Labor and State of California require students who intern at a for-profit company to either be paid or receive academic credit for the internship.

If your company requires Verification of Academic Credit, please see instructions .

NOTE: Students are required to find and secure their own internships before scheduling their first intake appointment with an intake coordinator at the Center for Community Learning. To be eligible for 195CE credit, internships must involve challenging college-level work and must take place at a supervised professional off-campus workplace (no telecommuting or home offices). Internships may be paid or unpaid, but positions that would be classified strictly as part-time or full-time jobs by the Department of Labor (including most retail and commission-based sales positions) are NOT eligible for credit. 


All 195CE internship courses share the following learning outcomes: 

Students enrolled in 195CE independent study courses will have the opportunity to:

  • Define and apply the following core concepts: civic engagement, social responsibility, and experiential learning;
  • Apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address situations and challenges that arise in 21st-century work environments;
  • Develop and execute a research paper integrating analysis inspired by experiential learning (i.e. an internship) with knowledge gained from an academic discipline;
  • Explore how off-campus work experience contributes to an undergraduate’s intellectual, personal, and professional development and informs future career choices.

Click on the course title below to review syllabus.
NOTE: Please DO NOT email coordinators directly regarding intake appointments for enrollment.

195 CE Courses Units Grading Restrictions Coordinator(s)
Anthropology 4 Letter Grade Open to all Majors/Minors Eva Melstrom
English 4 Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Open to all Majors/Minors Taly Ravid
History 4 Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Open to all Majors/Minors Amber Withers
Political Science 4 Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Open to all Majors/Minors Kenton Card 
Sociology 4 Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Open to all Majors/Minors Jay Johnson
Society & Genetics* 4 Letter Grade Open to all Majors/Minors Clara Hanson
Civic Engagement 4 Letter Grade Restricted to students in Civic Engagement Minor and Astin Scholars Megan Ebor
Disability Studies 4 Letter Grade Restricted to students in Disability Studies Minor Caitlin Solone
Food Studies 4 Letter Grade Restricted to students in Food Studies Minor Kassandra Hernandez
International & Area Studies 4 Letter Grade Spring/Summer ONLY – restricted to International Institute majors/minors for spring Joyce Kuo

*Soc Gen 195CE is open to all majors/minors but is best suited for students with a background in the life sciences and/or prior coursework in the social sciences focused on the human body. Internships may be in any field but students must be able to explore connections between human biology and society. Review the syllabus and SOC Gen 195CE Internship homepage for more information about course goals and expectations.




  • Junior or Senior status (completed 90 or more units)* – NOTE: Students with fewer than 90 units should consult their home department about options for earning lower-division credit.
  • Good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA)*
  • Secure off-campus internship for 8-10 hours per week with a corporation, non-profit organization or government agency
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid

*Review UCLA’s Contract Course Policy regarding status and GPA.

Course Requirements

  • Attend biweekly meetings with a coordinator at the Center for Community Learning
  • Complete 8 weekly journals/writing assignments
  • Submit 8-10 page final research paper
  • Log a minimum of 80 hours of work at internship site on a timesheet


Internship courses are offered every quarter on a first-come, first-served basis, including the 10-week Summer Session A. New students can schedule intake appointments STARTING Week 8 of the quarter preceding the internship or during Weeks 0-2. NOTE: The deadline to enroll is FRIDAY OF WEEK 2.

Fall 2018 Fri, October 12, 2018
Winter 2019 Fri, January 18, 2019
Spring 2019 Fri, April 12, 2019
*Summer 2019 Fri, July 5, 2019

*NOTE: All standard tuition fees apply for Summer Quarter internship units. Consult UCLA Summer Sessions  for specific enrollment fees.


Enrollment in a 195CE internship course is via a course contract and CANNOT be completed through MyUCLA.

  • Call (310) 825-7867, email Center for Community Learning  or visit us at A265 Murphy Hall to schedule a meeting with a coordinator.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information during your intake: 1) name and location of your internship site; 2) name and email address of your supervisor at the internship; 3) description of internship duties from the organization (such as an offer letter or ad for the position). NOTE: A Center for Community Learning Coordinator must approve the internship site before you will be provided with instructions for generating your course contract.
  • Create your course contract and obtain the signature of your internship site supervisor on the contract course form.
  • Submit completed contract course form to the front desk in A265 Murphy. Your coordinator will deliver it to the department for enrollment processing.
  • Space is limited. Submit a completed course contract form as soon as possible and no later than Friday of Week 2 to your 195CE internship course coordinator.