Undergraduate Education Initiatives
A265 Murphy Hall
Box 951571
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1571

Office hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

*Please note, the UEI physical office is closed on Monday and Friday, but will be operating remotely.

Follow the links below to view the main contact for each program/minor and to access the website for each.

Center for Community Engagement

For general questions, please email communityengagement@college.ucla.edu or call 310-825-7867. For 195CE Internship Course questions, please email 195CEinfo@college.ucla.edu.

Shalom Staub Director Email: sstaub@college.ucla.edu

Phone: 310-825-1115

Douglas Barrera Associate Director for Engaged Research Email: dbarrera@college.ucla.edu

Phone: 310-825-0833

Bemmy Maharramli Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives Email: bmaharramli@college.ucla.edu

Community Engagement & Social Change Minor

TBA Academic Coordinator Email: TBA
Maritza Sondhi

*Will return in Spring 2022.

Academic Counselor for CESC, College Academic Counseling Email: msondhi@college.ucla.edu

*All general inquiries: communityengagement@college.ucla.edu

College Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

Leigh Harris Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education Initiatives Email: lharris@college.ucla.edu
Jen Hirashiki Academic Coordinator for Shared Governance Email: jhirashiki@college.ucla.edu
Charlotte Vo Administrative Assistant Email: cvo@college.ucla.edu

Disability Studies Minor

Maverick Santos Academic Counselor for Disability Studies, College Academic Counseling Email: mavericks@college.ucla.edu

Food Studies Minor

Shahla Rahimzadeh Academic Counselor for Food Studies, College Academic Counseling Email: srahimza@college.ucla.edu

Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars

For questions about teaching a Fiat Lux Seminar and eligibility, please contact Pia Palomo. For information and questions about Fiat Lux seminars, enrollment, and general inquiries, please visit the Fiat Lux page.

Pia Palomo Academic Coordinator Email: ppalomo@college.ucla.edu

General Education Governance Committee

Jared McBride  Academic Administrator Email: jmcbride@college.ucla.edu

Phone: 310-206-0831

Social Thought Minor

Sheehan Parker Student Affairs Advisor Email: sparker@college.ucla.edu

UCLA Clusters

Tony Friscia Director Email: tonyf@ucla.edu

Phone: 310-206-0831

Quarter in Washington

Rachel Charime Student Advisor Email: qiw@college.ucla.edu

UC Center Sacramento (UCCS)

Rachel Charime Student Advisor Email: rcharime@college.ucla.edu

Undergraduate Education Initiatives (UEI)

Christina-Marie Santillan Manager Email: cmsantillan@college.ucla.edu

Writing II Implementation Committee

Pia Palomo Academic Coordinator Email: ppalomo@college.ucla.edu
Charlotte Vo Administrative Assistant Email: cvo@college.ucla.edu

The UCLA community is actively engaged in efforts to inform and support students about issues concerning basic needs, including food security, access, and financial wellness. Click here for resources and organizations that are available to assist UCLA students.