What are Inquiry Specialists, and what do they do?

Peer Research & Writing Specialists or PR&WS are students who have already taken a cluster class and now serve as peer advisers and assistants to students and staff in that cluster.  PR&WS are trained by the UCLA Library and hold office hours each week in Powell Library. They are ready to to teach research techniques and to assist freshmen with papers and projects. They also attend lectures and help first-year students get the most out of the class, the Library and UCLA in general.

The Cluster program works closely with the UCLA Library to engage students during their time in the program. Each cluster has its own Library Liason whose primary goal is to help students reach their academic goals and assist students with their research needs and writing projects. These liaisons meet one-on-one with students and instruct them on how to use the library’s extensive collections, cultural heritage materials and digital technologies.

Each Cluster partners with UCLA’s Writing Programs to improve and strengthen the writing skills of students. TA’s work closely with students on papers, so that by the end of the academic year, students will have the necessary skills to write college-level research papers throughout their academic careers.