Departments may initiate course actions (additions/deletions/revisions) via CIMS. The Registrar’s office will automatically update the catalog with these changes.

If your department wishes to make minor changes to the catalog text, please communicate the changes directly with the Registrars Office. If the changes are deemed significant, you may be directed to the College FEC to obtain approval.


Departments often submit proposals to the College FEC for the following reasons:

  • adding or deleting requirements for a program
  • clarifying existing requirements
  • increasing or reducing the number of classes for a program
  • creating a new major, minor, or program
  • renaming an existing department or program

When submitting a proposal, departments must include the following:

  • cover letter describing the changes as well as an academic rationale
  • catalog text formatted showing the changes before and after

Depending on the request, the proposal may also need:

  • a more elaborate discussion about the nature of the curricular revisions
  • information about student enrollment in the program
  • enrollment data for courses
  • letters of support from departments and/or Deans
  • faculty vote from within the department
  • Challenge 45 document

If you have any questions, or wish to consult someone before submitting a proposal, please contact Mitsue Yokota at x45665 or myokota@college.ucla.edu.