Writing II Committee

Writing II Committee
The Writing II Committee is an ad hoc committee of the College Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) and it is charged by both the College FEC and the Undergraduate Council with the oversight of all matters pertaining to the Writing II curriculum—its policies and implementation. Specifically, the Writing II Committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • Increasing the existing repertoire of Writing II courses by approving new course and cluster offerings that satisfy the established criteria for the Writing II requirement;
  • Identify any issues with respect to demand for, availability of, and access to Writing II courses;
  • Make recommendations for any long-range budgetary support needed to support the Writing II requirement; and
  • Establish procedures for engaging and training seasoned graduate student instructors in the teaching of Writing II courses.
The current members of the Writing II Committee are:

Dr. Leigh Harris, Director of Writing Programs
Professor Christine Holten, Writing Programs
Professor Sara Melzer, French and Francophone Studies
Professor Reynaldo MacĂ­as, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Professor Brian Stefans, English, CHAIR
Brooke Wilkinson, Resource Support