The following titles are examples of capstone research projects completed by students in the minor in previous academic years:

Social Sciences

  • Who Will You Be?: Where Should the Career Development Path Begin and What Does it Mean for Your Future
  • A Comparison of Nonprofits and Social Enterprise Organizations in the Modern Social Sector Impeding Self-Sufficiency
  • How have self-help legal centers within California provided access to justice and addressed the access gap to the courts?
  • American Perspectives of U.S.-Cuba Relations
  • Like this post: Does digital activism lead to higher voter turnouts among the Millennial generation?
  • How might a perception of competition relate to political engagement for UCLA students?
  • Understanding Opt-Out Rates of California Community Choice Aggregation Programs
  • A Community Cultural Wealth analysis on Big Citizen Hub
  • Volunteer Learning and Engagement Outcomes in MEND’s Emergency Food Bank
  • The Use of Language in Politics to Describe the Poor and How it Affects Bipartisan Politics
  • The Effects of Immigrant Integration Programs in Los Angeles Businesses
  • Deconstructing Oppression: Women Empowerment Through Agency and Education
  • Interpretations of the Observed Changes in the Self-Concepts of Sex-Workers
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles: Cultural Competency Project
  • Grow Together: A Health Intervention Plan
  • Care Farming and Sense of Community with Continuation Students


  • The Foster System’s Structural Flaws and Their Impact on Education
  • Student Veteran Data Collection: Interpretation and Utilization of Data in Veteran Resource Offices in Community College
  • Early Childhood Education: A Look Into Preschool Programs for Students with Disabilities
  • Women in High School Debate: A Study of Sexism and its Impact
  • Work Study and Service Learning: The Development of a Critical Consciousness
  • Do students with a structured military background overtly require personal mentoring support in transferring to a university?
  • The Lost ones: A Case Study of Continuation High Schools in Los Angeles
  • Challenges Faced in Predominantly White Institutions by Latinas in Higher Education
  • The Mathematic Achievement Gap in Middle School
  • Straight from the Third Grade: Student Engagement with a Cultural Relevant Literature Program
  • Social Exclusion in the Special Education System

Public Policy/Public Health

  • Urban Planning & its Effects on Minority Communities
  • Social Trust: A Bridge between Socioeconomic Status and Civic Engagement
  • The Political Feasibility of Congestion Pricing in Los Angeles


  • The Queer Armenians: A Study of the Experiences of Gay Armenian Men in Los Angeles
  • Critical Consciousness Development: Disenfranchised Youth Engage in Social Justice Oriented Art
  • The Representation of “I” in Latina and Community


  • Preventing Nursing Burnout