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New Heart, New Start?

A glimpse into the struggles of heart transplant patients from the cardiomyopathy unit at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, with a focus on Leon, a retired African American truck driver in recovery. By Alexandra Mazmanian, Charles Lomba, Patricia Cuarenta, Maraide Green

Beeyond the Stinger

A short documentary on misconceptions about bees as seen through the perspective of Paul Hekimian, local beekeeper and director of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to urban beekeeping in LA. By Liana Chie, Arhant Batra, Irene Sumampouw, Shannee Mak

Embrace Zero Waste

An informative glimpse into the daily routine of Tamar Christensen, a local supporter of the Zero Waste movement, whose every decision works toward a trash-free world. By Itzel Burgos, Kesia Eng, Sahrang Han, Chiara Noppenberger

Unhooked Trailer

A look into the “hook-up vs. rape culture” that many college students experience expressed through dance.