Academic Senate faculty who teach a Fiat Lux seminar are eligible to receive the Chancellor’s Award.  As an incentive for teaching a seminar, each academic year, Senate faculty are eligible for three research awards in the following amounts:

  • $1500 – First Seminar
  • $1000 – Second Seminar
  • $500 – Third Seminar

The Chancellor’s Awards are limited to a total of $3000 (or three awards) each academic year (no seminars are offered in summer).  Seminars must have a minimum enrollment of 5 students by Friday, week 3 of the term.  Faculty may teach more than three seminars in an academic year, but no additional awards are offered. 

These awards are research funds and not salary.  They are modest incentives for the service that the faculty provide to undergraduate education and to the academic community at large.

Fiat Lux Seminars are overload teaching.  Teaching a Fiat Lux seminar will not count as part of a regular workload and will not result in any reduction of teaching responsibilities.

Important Note: Non-Senate faculty, including Academic Administrators, are not eligible for the Chancellor’s Award. 



The Fiat Lux Academic Coordinator will reach out during week 4 of the term to request fund information.  The coordinator will work with fund managers to ensure that awards are transferred by the end of the term.

Funds can be carried forward to the next fiscal year. Senate faculty should consult Department Fund Managers for fund restrictions and campus policies on the usage of the funds.