The Social Thought Minor is an opportunity to dive deep in the social theory of the 17th century to present and culminates in rigorous research and extensive writing on the student’s choice of social issue.


In order to prepare for applying to this minor, interested students should speak with the Undergraduate Advisor Lonnell Edwards. In this appointment, they will discuss: (a) faculty mentorship, (b) the year-long writing colloquia and senior capstone, and (c) the student’s preliminary ideas on the social issues and theories they will examine.  Please email Lonnell Edwards to schedule an appointment.


To apply for the minor, a student must:

  1. Achieve a cumulative UCLA GPA of 2.0 or greater
  2. Review and complete the application form
  3. Meet with the Undergraduate Advisor, Lonnell Edwards, if you have not already done so
  4. Receive Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member
  5. Complete the application essay (no more than two-pages, singled-spaced), which addresses:
    1. What social issues or questions interest you?
    2. What social thinkers or theories interest you?
    3. Why is writing about theory important to your education?
    4. How does this minor complement your major?

Click here for the Social Thought Minor Application Form. Completed applications should be emailed to Lonnell Edwards.