To be admitted to the Food Studies minor, a student must:

  1. Achieve a cumulative UCLA GPA of 2.0 or greater
  2. Completed or be enrolled in a course that has been approved to apply towards the minor.

For information regarding the minor requirements, click here.

To review a list of current course offerings, click here.

The application for the Food Studies Minor will become available at the start of each academic quarter (week 0 or 1) and will be open through Friday of week 3. Specific application deadlines (the last day to apply) can be found below.

Fall 2020 October 23
Winter 2021 January 22
Spring 2021 April 16
Summer 2021 July 9

To apply, please submit the Food Studies Minor Application form by the appropriate deadline – click here to access the application. Students will be notified of the results by email within 10-15 business days of submission.  Please note that if you have completed over 150 units, you will need additional approval from your Academic Counseling unit to add the Minor. If you are over 150 units, a request for approval will be sent to your Academic Counseling unit on your behalf. In some instances, students may be required to submit additional petitions for approval, which you will be notified about via email.