The following titles are examples of capstone research projects completed by students in the minor in previous academic years:

Social Sciences

  • Who Will You Be?: Where Should the Career Development Path Begin and What Does it Mean for Your Future
  • A Comparison of Nonprofits and Social Enterprise Organizations in the Modern Social Sector Impeding Self-Sufficiency
  • How have self-help legal centers within California provided access to justice and addressed the access gap to the courts?
  • American Perspectives of U.S.-Cuba Relations
  • Like this post: Does digital activism lead to higher voter turnouts among the Millennial generation?
  • How might a perception of competition relate to political engagement for UCLA students?
  • Understanding Opt-Out Rates of California Community Choice Aggregation Programs
  • A Community Cultural Wealth analysis on Big Citizen Hub
  • Volunteer Learning and Engagement Outcomes in MEND’s Emergency Food Bank
  • The Use of Language in Politics to Describe the Poor and How it Affects Bipartisan Politics
  • The Effects of Immigrant Integration Programs in Los Angeles Businesses
  • Deconstructing Oppression: Women Empowerment Through Agency and Education
  • Interpretations of the Observed Changes in the Self-Concepts of Sex-Workers
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles: Cultural Competency Project
  • Grow Together: A Health Intervention Plan
  • Care Farming and Sense of Community with Continuation Students


  • The Foster System’s Structural Flaws and Their Impact on Education
  • Student Veteran Data Collection: Interpretation and Utilization of Data in Veteran Resource Offices in Community College
  • Early Childhood Education: A Look Into Preschool Programs for Students with Disabilities
  • Women in High School Debate: A Study of Sexism and its Impact
  • Work Study and Service Learning: The Development of a Critical Consciousness
  • Do students with a structured military background overtly require personal mentoring support in transferring to a university?
  • The Lost ones: A Case Study of Continuation High Schools in Los Angeles
  • Challenges Faced in Predominantly White Institutions by Latinas in Higher Education
  • The Mathematic Achievement Gap in Middle School
  • Straight from the Third Grade: Student Engagement with a Cultural Relevant Literature Program
  • Social Exclusion in the Special Education System

Public Policy/Public Health

  • Urban Planning & its Effects on Minority Communities
  • Social Trust: A Bridge between Socioeconomic Status and Civic Engagement
  • The Political Feasibility of Congestion Pricing in Los Angeles


  • The Queer Armenians: A Study of the Experiences of Gay Armenian Men in Los Angeles
  • Critical Consciousness Development: Disenfranchised Youth Engage in Social Justice Oriented Art
  • The Representation of “I” in Latina and Community


  • Preventing Nursing Burnout


The following internship sites are examples of the internships completed by students in the Civic Engagement Minor. Please note that all internship sites for students in the Civic Engagement Minor must be pre-approved by Dr. Doug Barrera, Associate Director of Center for Community Learning.

  • UC Center Sacramento
  • Center for American Politics and Public Policy (CAPPP; Quarter in Washington, D.C.)
  • SANAA at Manual Art HS & Compton Youth Build
  • UCLA American Indian Recruitment
  • Abraham Lincoln High School Dream Center
  • JusticeCorps
  • MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity)
  • 826LA
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation (Medical Outreach Department)
  • LA LGBT Youth Center
  • UCLA Veteran Peer Mentor (Veterans Resource Office)
  • Pathways to Independence
  • Godinez Fundamental High School
  • WISE & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica
  • Kindred Spirits Care Farm
  • Political Voice Program at Advancement Project
  • City of Hermosa Beach Environmental Department
  • Nora Sterry Elementary School
  • PATH (Community Engagement Intern)