The Food Studies Minor is pleased to announce the establishment of the Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship available for students pursuing the minor in Food Studies.

The Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship was established to support students in the Food Studies minor with their academic interests and endeavors at UCLA. This scholarship is awarded annually to Food Studies minors and aims to support the expansion of food in the world as an area of interdisciplinary study, including research and practice as it relates to culture, public health, nutrition, sustainability, the environment, food activism, and justice.


Marcie H. Rothman grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by good cooks, fresh seasonal produce, and hundreds of restaurants full of the ethnic cuisines that have inspired her throughout her career. She studied cooking with such notables as Wolfgang Puck and Ken Hom, and was a longtime member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the San Francisco Professional Food Society and Toastmasters International. She continues to support the International Slow Food Movement. During her career, Rothman took great interest in the notion of creating healthy and delicious meals that are also affordable and accessible to all. This led to the development of the “The $5 Chef,” a weekly television show where Rothman impressed viewers with her uncanny ability to put seasonal foods together into quick, delicious $5 meals. She is the author of two cookbooks as “The $5 Chef.”

Rothman received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA and later completed the Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. She has extensive experience on the boards of non-profit organizations and is extremely excited to help foster the academic advancement of the field by supporting Food Studies minors in their studies. With this generous gift to UCLA’s Food Studies program, students are able to share Rothman’s passion for food, and dedicate themselves to understanding and improving its production, preparation, sharing, access, consumption, and disposal.



In order to be considered for the Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship, a recipient must be a Food Studies minor student who demonstrates passion and academic achievement in the field of food studies and/or financial need. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must:

  1. Be in good academic standing and;
  2. Be admitted to the UCLA Food Studies minor.

Note to non-Food Studies Minors: Students who are not yet admitted to the minor may submit their application to the minor at the same time as their application for the scholarship—but their scholarship application will only be reviewed AFTER admission to the minor is confirmed.


Please review the Scholarship Criteria to ensure eligibility BEFORE starting your application.

In a single PDF document, include the following three items:

  • A complete scholarship application form
  • A current résumé – please highlight any community service and/or volunteer experiences
  • A short essay (500 words or less) answering the questions in the following prompt:
    • What is your personal vision for how you might implement the knowledge and tools learned in the Food Studies Minor in your academic and professional careers? In addition, how will your vision and work assist in the development of the food studies field and/or in cultivating a healthier, more sustainable and/or equitable world, as it relates to food?

Save the PDF in the following format:

  • LastName_FirstName_Application.pdf

Obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript and save it in the following format:

  • LastName_FirstName_Transcript.pdf

Email both files to the Marcie Rothman Scholarship Committee*. Your application materials will be automatically uploaded to a drive once they are received.

Confirmation email:

You will receive a confirmation email for each file when your application materials have been successfully uploaded. Important: If you do not receive a confirmation email or if you are having issues uploading your application, please send application materials to Chelsea Hackett at chackett@college.ucla.edu.

Applications are due Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 11:59pm.

*Your application materials should be sent directly to the committee via the following email address: Marcie_.zx4vbyyb2yapdmzf@u.box.com

If you’re having issues uploading your application materials, please contact Chelsea Hackett . If you have questions about the application requirements, please contact Shahla Rahimzadeh.



Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Marcie Rothman, the Food Studies Minor is pleased and excited to announce the recipient of the inaugural Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship. This year’s scholarship has been awarded to Pamela Lim, who will be receiving a $2,500.00 award.

Scholarship Recipient – Pamela Lim ($2,500)

Pamela is a Senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Society and a double minor in Food Studies and Geography/Environmental Studies. She is the Engagement Coordinator in the Jane B. Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Community Garden and the Sustainability Assistant in UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services. Pamela co-leads two student organizations: the Undergraduate Food Network, which actively addresses food justice in the community, and E3: Ecology, Economy, Equity, which works to make UCLA a more sustainable campus. Her academics and research have focused on foodways and food justice in underprivileged and underrepresented communities. Pamela aims to expand upon her interests through postgraduate studies in food, sustainability, and community work.


Check back soon for updates!



Food Studies Minor student, Jesse Garcia, received an Honorable Mention. The selection committee believes that Jesse shows great dedication to the field of Food Studies and were very impressed by her strong academic records, co-curricular and volunteer experiences, and her visions to positively impact the Food Studies community in her future endeavors.

Jesse Garcia

Jesse Garcia is a transwoman and Senior who is completing her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and along with Food Studies, minors in French and Global Health. Jesse’s interest in the Food Studies Minor stems from her personal experiences growing up in Salinas, California where many of her family members work as farm workers working long, hard hours harvesting fruits and vegetables that they cannot afford. This sparked an interest in accessibility to healthy foods for under-served populations. Jesse is currently involved with the Together Educating and Advocating Community Health (T.E.A.C.H.) program at UCLA which consists of tutoring at-risk youth in Los Angeles and providing them with public health modules. Through her various fields of study, she hopes to be able to advocate for access to higher education for students of color, farmworkers’ rights, healthy life choices and eating habits to combat chronic diseases found within under-served populations, and LGBTQIA+ rights. Jesse plans to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health Education and aims to work closely with Latin@/x communities to promote healthier lifestyles through health and nutrition education.