The Food Studies Minor is pleased to announce the establishment of the Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship available for students pursuing the minor in Food Studies.

The Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship was established to support students in the Food Studies minor with their academic interests and endeavors at UCLA. This scholarship is awarded annually to Food Studies minors and aims to support the expansion of food in the world as an area of interdisciplinary study, including research and practice as it relates to culture, public health, nutrition, sustainability, the environment, food activism, and justice.


Marcie H. Rothman grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by good cooks, fresh seasonal produce, and hundreds of restaurants full of the ethnic cuisines that have inspired her throughout her career. She studied cooking with such notables as Wolfgang Puck and Ken Hom, and was a longtime member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the San Francisco Professional Food Society and Toastmasters International. She continues to support the International Slow Food Movement. During her career, Rothman took great interest in the notion of creating healthy and delicious meals that are also affordable and accessible to all. This led to the development of the “The $5 Chef,” a weekly television show where Rothman impressed viewers with her uncanny ability to put seasonal foods together into quick, delicious $5 meals. She is the author of two cookbooks as “The $5 Chef.”

Rothman received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA and later completed the Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. She has extensive experience on the boards of non-profit organizations and is extremely excited to help foster the academic advancement of the field by supporting Food Studies minors in their studies. With this generous gift to UCLA’s Food Studies program, students are able to share Rothman’s passion for food, and dedicate themselves to understanding and improving its production, preparation, sharing, access, consumption, and disposal.



In order to be considered for the Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship, a recipient must be a Food Studies minor student who demonstrates passion and academic achievement in the field of food studies and/or financial need. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must:

  1. Be in good academic standing and;
  2. Be admitted to the UCLA Food Studies minor.

Note to non-Food Studies Minors: Students who are not yet admitted to the minor may submit their application to the minor at the same time as their application for the scholarship—but their scholarship application will only be reviewed AFTER admission to the minor is confirmed.


Applications are accepted every Fall quarter. Applicants will be required to submit an application form, statement, and résumé for review. Additional information regarding the application process will become available closer to the next application period (2020-2021 academic year).  If you have any questions, please contact Shahla Rahimzadeh, Academic Counselor for the Food Studies minor.



Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Marcie Rothman, the Food Studies Minor is pleased and excited to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship.  This year’s scholarship has been awarded to two students— Carlene Francis, who received a $3,300 award, and Tierney Sheehan, who received a $3,300 award.

Scholarship Awardee – Carlene Francis

Carlene Francis portrait

Carlene Francis is a non-traditional student and a proud mother to an Air Force veteran. She is a senior majoring in African American Studies with a minor in Food Studies. Carlene’s love of food began at an early age. Growing up in Jamaica, Carlene helped her grandmother plant and nurture fruit and vegetable seeds until they matured into tomatoes, peppers, cassava, yam, callaloo and peas. Her Food Studies curriculum along with her personal experience has turned her commitment to learning about food and volunteering in her community into a lifelong passion. In the future, she plans to open a catering business and remains committed to supporting local farmers.

Scholarship Awardee – Tierney Sheehan 

Tierney Sheehan portrait

Tierney Sheehan is a graduating senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Food Studies. Throughout her time at UCLA, Tierney has developed a passion for environmental and personal well-being. Her ultimate goal is to help support the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices on a broad scale through driving social awareness of what healthy and sustainable eating looks like.

The Food Studies minor classes have inspired her to explore extracurriculars in the space, allowing her to apply what she has learned outside the classroom. Off campus, Tierney has interned at Beyond Meat and the Good Food Institute; in both roles, she supported the companies’ marketing and innovative endeavors through creating brand content and conducting systemic analysis. On campus, Tierney is on the education committee for the Farmer’s Market at UCLA where she plans workshops for students to learn more about sustainable living practices. Through these experiences, she continuously seeks to build awareness and change a culture around sustainable eating through fusing her love for the environment and quality food with her communication knowledge of how to effectively spread a message.

This coming winter quarter, Tierney has enrolled in an International Permaculture Design Program in Costa Rica in order to learn large scale permaculture practices while exploring the research question “What permaculture techniques can be easily applied and socially accepted in an urban setting?” She hopes to share her research findings with the LA community through the creation of a short documentary on Urban Permaculture.

Tierney believes in the idea of regenerative agriculture as an effective solution and is eager to help tell its story and facilitate its implementation in the urban setting of LA.


Saraí Ramos Gonzalez – 2018
Major: Chicanx Studies
Minors: Food Studies, Education Studies and Labor and Workplace Studies

Hannah Valenzuela – 2018
Major: Gender Studies
Minor: Food Studies

Pamela Lin – 2017
Major: Human Biology and Society
Minors: Food Studies and Geography/Environmental Studies



Honorable Mention – Juanyi Tan

Juanyi Tan portrait

Growing up in a traditional Cantonese family that strongly advocates a healthy and balanced diet, Juanyi Tan has developed a keen interest in public health and eating behaviors. Pursuing a B.S degree in Psychobiology with a Food Studies minor, Juanyi is interested in integrating these two disciplines to help initiate eating behavior changes, starting with students at UCLA.

Currently, Juanyi is one of the Global Food Initiative Fellows and working with Dr. McCarthy to design fiber-rich food promotion intervention strategies. As she has learned from food studies readings about the role of diverse dietary fiber intake in preventing fatty liver disease and diabetes, some of the leading causes of death in the United States, she wants to help others understand the importance of food quality and educate them on how to improve their food choices. Her goal is to improve UCLA students’ daily consumption of dietary fiber intake, both in terms of quantity and quality. With the help of the GFI program and the Healthy Campus Initiative, Juanyi will implement her project during the winter and spring quarter. Upon graduation, she would like to go into graduate school and pursue a dual degree in psychology and nutrition to implement her vision beyond UCLA and contribute to the prevention of excess weight gain on a national or even global scale.


Chiara Phillips – 2018
Major: Geography/Environmental Studies
Minors: Food Studies, Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies

Jesse Garcia – 2017
Major: Anthropology
Minors: Food Studies, French, and Global Health