Who is eligible to be a USIE (Undergraduate Student Initiated Education) student facilitator?

Applicants must have either junior or senior status (90+ units) upon completion of this Spring quarter, be in good academic standing, and have a declared major.

Can a USIE seminar be co-facilitated by more than one student?

The USIE program is ideally designed for a single student to create and facilitate his/her own spring seminar. While co-facilitation is not encouraged, those interested will have to complete the following:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Director and Program Representative of the USIE Program
  • Provide a statement that justifies why you wish to co-facilitate and how it will enhance your spring seminar
  • Provide a letter of support from your faculty mentor in which he/she agrees to mentor both facilitators and explains why he/she is in support of the co-facilitation
  • Complete and submit separate USIE applications

When is the USIE application due?

The 2019-20 application deadline is April 15, 2019.

When can I expect to find out if my proposal was selected?

Offers to participate in the USIE program will be made by Week 8 of Spring Quarter.

If selected, when do I offer my USIE seminar?

Following successful completion of the pedagogy courses during Fall and Winter quarters, and Academic Senate approval of the seminar syllabi, student facilitators offer their seminars during Spring quarter.

How many times can I facilitate a USIE seminar?

Students may only offer a USIE seminar once during their undergraduate career.

Do student facilitators have to take a pedagogy course during Fall and Winter quarter?

Yes, all selected facilitators must enroll in Honors 101E. No exceptions will be made for scheduling conflicts. All prospective student facilitators should make a note of this when selecting their Fall and Winter classes. Please check the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes for the Honors Collegium 101E schedule.

How many units is HNRS 101E and how is the course graded?

1 unit per quarter; Pass/No Pass only

How many units are the Fall Quarter 188SA and Winter Quarter 188SB courses and how are they graded?

1 unit per quarter; Letter grade only

How many units is Spring Quarter 188SC course and how is it graded?

2 units; Letter grade only

Who do I contact for more information regarding the USIE program?

Prospective student facilitators may contact Beserat Hagos at


How many times can I enroll in a USIE seminar?

Students may enroll in a USIE seminar twice during their undergraduate career.

How are USIE seminars graded?

USIE seminars offer one unit of academic credit and are graded P/NP (Pass/No Pass).

Is there a wait list for USIE seminars?

A wait list capacity of five (5) students will be added to each seminar. In order to provide an intimate and engaging environment for discussion, each seminar is capped at 20 students. All student who are still on a wait list after Friday of Week 2 will automatically be dropped.


A student asked me to serve as his/her USIE faculty mentor; what time commitment is required?

During Spring quarter, the student applicants work with their faculty mentors to select a topic and develop a course proposal. During Fall and Winter quarters, approved student applicants meet regularly with their mentors to work on the course outline and syllabus, including readings and written assignments. During the following Spring quarter, students facilitate their course and faculty mentors are encouraged to attend at least one of the sessions. Also, regular meetings between student facilitators and faculty mentors are recommended to provide additional guidance and feedback. Faculty mentors are responsible for submitting final grades of students enrolled in the seminar at the end of Spring quarter. Attendance at the year-end USIE reception is also highly encouraged.

Why is my name listed on the Schedule of Classes for a USIE course?

USIE courses cannot be listed on the Schedule of Classes without a faculty member, or instructor of record. We do our best to make undergraduate students aware that these courses are, in fact, led by undergraduate students, NOT the faculty member listed.

Do I have to teach in my student facilitator’s seminar during Spring quarter?

No, faculty mentors are encouraged to attend class sessions but are not required to teach. The decision to guest lecture is ultimately up to the faculty mentor.