Freshman cluster program

Freshman Clusters for 2013-14
The Cluster Program is happy to announce that it is opening two of next year’s courses—GE Cluster 26 Poverty and Health in Latin America and GE Cluster 80 The Longevity Revolution: Biomedical, Social, and Policy Perspectives - to incoming transfer students. These clusters offer upper division transfers the following opportunities and advantages:

  • Yearlong study with distinguished faculty in medicine, public policy, and social welfare.
  • Introduction to biomedical, social, and policy perspectives on issues related to poverty, health, and aging.
  • Satisfaction, via petition, of pre-requisite requirements in certain minors (e.g., Gerontology, Global Studies, International Development), as well as departmental and interdepartmental majors and minors (e.g., Sociology, Political Science, Ethnic Studies).
  • Small discussion sections supervised by senior graduate student instructors.
  • Spring seminars addressing a range of topics related to cluster themes.
  • Honors and Honors Collegium credit for students in College Honors.
Whether you are an incoming first year or transfer student and are interested in taking a Cluster, you will receive more information about it at New Student Orientation. Please talk to your New Student Advisor when you attend your session and they can assist you in enrolling for one of the Clusters.