Foundation Area GE Credit Learning Goals and Guidelines:

For new course submissions and re-certification, please submit to the GE Governance Committee the following information for each proposed course:

  1. An approved or in progress CIMS form
  2. A syllabus that includes the following:
    1. A one or two paragraph description of the course.
    2. Student learning outcomes.
    3. Acknowledgment that the course carries GE credits, and list which foundation area(s). Please click here for sample text. *Please note the GE credits listed should reflect only those approved by GEGC.
    4. An outline of proposed weekly lecture topics and, if appropriate, field trips, labs, or other experiential activities.
    5. A reading list, including films, if appropriate.
    6. Description of student assignments. For each writing assignment include the nature of the assignment and its page length.
    7. Description of the grading policy, specifically, the percentage that each component carries in determining a student’s course grade. If participation is one of the grading components, please describe in detail how this grade will be assessed.
  3. A completed GE Course Information Sheet for each Foundation Area requested:
    1. For Arts & Humanities courses: Information Sheet
    2. For Society & Culture courses: Information Sheet
    3. For Scientific Inquiry Courses: Information Sheet

Please see the full guidelines including instructions for completing the GE Course Information Sheet. Additionally, please consider reviewing the Inclusive Syllabus Design guide created by the Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS).


Proposal Deadline Approved Courses Effective Term
Fall quarter – TBD Winter 2020*
Winter quarter – TBD Spring 2020*
Spring quarter – TBD Summer/Fall 2020*

*Effective term is as stated; however, courses may not be approved before the Schedule of Classes is published. Please consider submitting your course up to 2 quarters ahead of time.


Please submit the complete packet of course materials electronically to Ananya Bhargava at The cover letter should be addressed as follows:

Michael Hackett, Chair
General Education Governance Committee
Attn: Ananya Bhargava, Program Representative
A265 Murphy Hall
Mail Code: 157101

Approval from the Undergraduate Council is required before a course is certified with General Education credit. Departments, Counselors, the College FEC, and the Registrars Office are notified upon approval from the Undergraduate Council.