May I enroll in two (2) separate Fiat Lux seminars in one quarter?

Yes, you may enroll in each seminar as you normally would through MyUCLA.
If you are interested in enrolling in three (3) or more seminars, please consult with an Academic Advisor in your counseling unit – Academic Advancement Program, Honors Programs, or College Academic Counseling – first.

The seminar I want to enroll in is full. Is there any chance I can still enroll?

Yes, we encourage you to show up to the first class meeting and speak with the instructor. Oftentimes, some enrolled students do not show up and drop soon after.

Some seminars may have a wait list capacity of five (5) students. If you are on a seminar’s wait list, we advise you attend the first class meeting as well.

How many class meetings can I miss and still earn a passing grade in a Fiat Lux seminar?

Since one of the missions of the Fiat Lux Freshman Seminar Program is to encourage students to engage in dialogue with their instructor and fellow students, attendance at each meeting is required.
For a seminar that meets weekly, a student may miss one class meeting with the instructor’s approval.
For a seminar that meets on an alternate schedule – either every other week or on specific days out of the normal schedule pattern, a student who misses one class meeting cannot earn a passing grade.

If I am not a student in the College of Letters and Science, can I enroll in a Fiat Lux seminar?

Yes.  Fiat Lux seminars are open to all UCLA undergraduates.

Do I have to be in College Honors to enroll in a Fiat Lux seminar?

No, you are eligible to enroll in these courses even if you are not a College Honors students.

Will I receive an honors content notation on my transcript even if I am not a College Honors student?

Yes, a grade of P will carry an honors content notation on the transcript for all students whether they are in College Honors or not.

If I am a College Honors student, may I take a Fiat Lux seminar and count it toward my College Honors requirement?

Yes. Even though Fiat Lux seminars may not be taken for a letter grade, they will still count toward your overall number of honors units required for graduation with College Honors. College Honors students may apply a maximum of two units of Fiat Lux seminar credit toward their College Honors requirements.

Fiat Lux seminars, however, will not count toward your required Honors Collegium (HC) units for graduation with College Honors.