The Chair of UCLA Disability Studies and the UCLA Faculty Executive Committee have approved the request to allow all minor requirements completed in Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 to be satisfied with a Pass or Letter Grade.  This applies only to courses completed in Spring or Summer 2020.

For students who elect to complete a course for Pass/No Pass (P/NP), they will satisfy the minor requirement so long as they earn a “Pass”, which is a minimum C grade.  There is no limit to how many P/NP courses completed in Summer 2020 can apply toward the minor requirements.  Please note that satisfactory completion of the minor does require a minimum 3.0 minor GPA.

If you wish to complete a minor requirement for Pass/No Pass, please submit your request during Summer 2020 (Session A or C):

Course/Requirement How to Change the Grading Basis during Summer 2020 Deadline
DS 101W Update grading basis on MyUCLA Updates to grading detail should be updated during the current summer session (Summer 2020, July 31st @ 5 pm (Session A) and September 11 @ 5 pm (Session C).  Requests for retroactive grading changes (Finals week and thereafter, must be submitted to your College or School Advising Unit.
DS Minor Electives* Update grading basis on MyUCLA
DS 195CE or DS 196 (Internship Requirement) Course is not offered in the summer.
DS 191 (Capstone Seminar)** Course is not offered in the summer.
DS 199B (Independent Capstone Project) Course is not offered in the summer.

*For courses listed in other departments (i.e. Psychology, Gender Studies, etc.), please consult that department on what their P/NP Policy is for Summer 2020.  Please note that not all departments are allowing optional grading basis for their courses.

**Disability Studies M191F/Gender Studies M191F is for letter grade only.  Students enrolled in this capstone and who request to complete this course on a Pass/No Pass basis will need to submit a Blue Petition.  Please consult Mana Hayakawa on the process.

The chart below summarizes the curricular requirements for satisfaction of the minor.

Course Title/Description Units
DS 101W* Core: Perspectives on Disability Studies
3 Upper Division electives** Select from a list of approved departmental course offerings
DS 195CE or DS 196 2 quarters of internship or
2 quarters of research apprenticeship
DS 191 or
DS 199A/B or
DS 198A/B
Senior Capstone class or independent project or Honors thesis on DS topic
7-8 Courses 30-34 Units

Please check the 101W Enrollment Policy for specifics regarding enrollment.

** Only one course for the minor may overlap with the major or second minor.  Three Upper Division (UD) electives can be completed with two UD electives and a 3rd quarter of DS 195CE or DS 196 (except for students interning at ECPHP).

^ A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.  Each minor course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have an overall grade-point average of 3.0 or better in the minor. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.


2019-20 DS Electives

DS Capstone Expectations

UCLA Library Disability Studies Research Guide

Research Tips & Strategies

Cornerstone Research Workshop Series

Internship Guidelines


All minors in Disability Studies must complete two consecutive quarters of an internship experience. Over a span of 20 weeks at one community-based agency, students obtain both breadth and depth in their understanding of the conceptual and practical implications of disability. Throughout the internship, students apply ideas learned in DS courses, in particular ablelism/paternalism and the social model vs. medical models of disability, and directly witness how disability is constructed and framed by different agencies.

Internship Requirements

  • At one community-based agency that provides direct services for persons with disabilities or a government agency responsible for policies on disability issues
  • The Disability Studies 195CE internship course is 4 units/quarter and letter-grade only
  • The Internship must involve 160 hours spread throughout two consecutive quarters (8-10 hrs/wk; Fall/Winter or Winter/Spring quarters)
  • Professional work environment
  • Supervised off-campus location (UCLA-affiliated centers are RARELY approved, and internship work must involve interaction with community stakeholders, not peers)
  • Connection to the minor and your major/interests
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with the internship coordinator at the Center for Community Learning. Writing assignments and a final research paper will be required

Information about 195CE Course Requirements: Visit the UCLA Center for Community Learning.

Types of internships

  1. Direct service internships offer a hands-on opportunity to work with disabled adults or children. Examples include a teaching assistant position in a special education classroom or work with adults at a local regional center.
  2. Policy internships are generally affiliated with government agencies. The Los Angeles Mayor’s office has responsibility for ADA compliance and places students in internships that support those efforts.
  3. UC Center Sacramento  or UCLA CAPPP Program  are alternative options for completing the DS 195CE internship requirement. The affiliated internship must work directly with the disability community or be responsible for policies on disability issues. UC Center Sacramento is the only internship option available in the summer.

Disability Studies 196: Research Apprenticeship

In lieu of DS 195CE, minors can complete two terms of Disability Studies 196. Research apprenticeships offer the opportunity to work under the guidance of faculty affiliated with the Disability Studies minor. Minors will collaborate with DS faculty on their research in an area related to disability studies. Individual contract required and Letter grading only. Examples include assisting a faculty member on researching and assessing a local non-profit. DS 196 research apprenticeship opportunities are rare. If available, they will be announced by the DS academic counselor.


Enrollment Steps

  1. Explore and seek potential internships at least one or two quarters before the term you intend to officially enroll in DS 195CE
    • Use the DS 195CE Internship Information Guide as a reference. This guide provides a timeline for how to prepare and enroll in DS 195CE, and an abbreviated list of internship sites approved for the minor.
    • Be prepared to share a resume with possible sites. (For help with resumes, cover letters, or interview preparation, please consult the UCLA Career Center.)
    • You can always consult with the DS academic counselor or CCL DS internship coordinator if you have questions or need help in your search for an internship.
  2. Contact potential internship sites and apply, interview, etc.
  3. Secure an internship by being offered a a two-quarter position that will allow you to work 8-10 hours per week for a minimum total of 80 hours during an academic quarter.
  4. Schedule an intake appointment with the DS Internship Coordinator by calling or emailing the Center for Community Learning during Weeks 8-10 of the quarter preceding your internship or Weeks 0-2 of the quarter when you want to enroll (call 310.825.7867 or email).
  5. Instructions for enrollment will be given at the intake appointment.
    • NOTE: The DS 195CE Contract will need to be created on MyUCLA (Click on Classes > My Contract Courses > Submit a new contract).
    • Petition your academic counseling unit to go over 19 units if needed.
  6. Verify enrollment on your MyUCLA  study list and Degree Audit Report by the end of Week 2 (or Week 3 if you turn in paperwork late).

NOTE: For the second quarter of your internship, you will need to follow steps #4 – 6.

Capstone Guidelines


The senior capstone is designed to integrate and synthesize learning from earlier coursework and previous research as well as the internship experience. See more information on Capstone Expectations . The requirement can be fulfilled with one of the following:

  1. Disability Studies 191 – Senior Research Seminar
    In-depth study of major themes in disability studies research. Themes vary by instructor and term. Students pursue independent research related to course theme, with guidance from instructor, then share and critique other student works in progress. This course is only offered in Spring quarters.

    Minors are manually enrolled into this course.

  2. Disability Studies 199A/B – Directed Research in Disability Studies
    Disability Studies 199A (2 units) and 199B (4 units) is two terms of supervised independent research or investigation designed by the student and under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The two-term course culminates in a paper or project.

    Individual contract required and created through MyUCLA.

  3. Disability Studies 198A/B – Honors Research in Disability Studies
    Disability Studies 198A (2 units) and 198B (4 units) is two terms of supervised individual research or investigation designed by the student and under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The two-term course culminates in an honors thesis or comprehensive research project.

    Individual contract required and created through MyUCLA.


Enrollment Steps

  1. Secure a faculty mentor before the quarter you want to start your independent research
  2. For the 1st quarter of your project, create a contract for DIS STD 199A or 198A on MyUCLA
    • Meet with your faculty mentor to review the contract and have them sign it
    • Submit the signed contract to Pia Palomo, A316 Murphy Hall by Friday, Week 2
  3. For the 2nd quarter of your project, create a contract for DIS STD 199B or 198B on MyUCLA and repeat the process.


2019-20 DS Electives

DS Capstone Expectations

UCLA Library Disability Studies Research Guide

Research Tips & Strategies

Cornerstone Research Workshop Series

DS 101W Enrollment Policy


For Spring 2020 only, student enrolled in DS 101W may elect to complete the course for Pass/No Pass.  Students must earn a minimum C grade in order to “Pass”.  Change the grading basis on MyUCLA during weeks 1-10 of spring quarter.  Retroactive grading requests (Finals week and thereafter) must be submitted to the College or School Advising Unit.


  • Enrollment is limited to sophomores and juniors for the priority and first enrollment passes. Please verify your class level on MyUCLA (Class > Enrollment > Enrollment Appointments). Any student may enroll during the second enrollment pass, space permitting.
  • PTEs are not given out for DS 101W. No exceptions.
  • Each discussion section is capped at 20 students. No exceptions.
  • The department will close the course by Friday, Week 1 of the quarter. Enrollment off the waitlist during week 2 will be allowed if space opens in the section and the student has regularly attended class.
  • Exceptions to enrollment or the waitlist will not be made.
  • Once a student is enrolled, Disability Studies will not process any section changes on the student’s behalf.  It is the responsibility of the student to enroll in the appropriate section.